​Pat is a very intuitive meditation guide.  She could sense areas of tension, and knew just the right thing to say to remove it.  She has a soothing voice, and her gentleness throughout made me feel safe.  At the end, I felt unblocked and full of energy, and I needed that.
   - Debby G., Canyon Lake, TX

I feel like a new man after my guided meditation session. This gave me my life back. I was still grieving the sudden loss of my 22 year old daughter, even after a year's time. While I put on a good face for others, inside I was empty and lost. As a self-employed business owner, my income depends on my abilities to make a sale. I had not closed any sales in weeks. I felt as though my life was sliding deeper and deeper into a pit, and would quickly become unmanageable. Logically, I knew I needed something to change, but emotionally, I didn't want to do anything but steep in thoughts of my daughter. A friend pushed me to have a live guided meditation session. In that session, I forgot all fears about guided meditation. Throughout the rest of that day, I felt lighter and clearer. I closed a sale, and made some changes with unhealthy relationships that had been lingering in my life. Pat changed my life.
   - Dan T., Texas

Pat is very intuitive.  When she began the meditation session, she felt the parts of my body that needed to relax - which were my shoulders and neck - so that I could get the most out of the session. Pat's voice is very calming and soothing.
I had been under a lot of stress and had not been sleeping well.  During the session I actually fell asleep.  When she brought me out of the session, I felt so relaxed and every muscle in my body was loose.   When I got up it was like I was walking on air.   I slept very well that night and for the nights to come. 
  - Mary, San Diego, CA​

 At first, I didn't think I would benefit from the guided meditation.  Oh, my God, was I mistaken!!!!!  My body was so different afterward, especially when I went to sleep. It was free from tension, peacefully relaxed.  I have never felt that feeling.  I also learned that I am worthy.  I have a difficult time crying, and the tears flowed easily afterward, providing a wonderful cleansing!  Thank you sooooo much!  You have a wonderful gift!    

    - Carolyn, Austin, TX 

I have a 15+ year old soft tissue injury to my neck.  Pat was able to guide me into releasing tension in places that I have never been able to address on my own.  Her choices of visualization cues were perfect for me. I'm looking forward to working with her more.
   - J.J., Kyle, TX

Pat knew the part of my body that needed to relax which was my diaphragm area.  It was feeling very tight due to not fully expressing myself.  She guided me through this amazing meditation where there were no limits.  After the meditation, I had more energy and felt more alive.  Pat has a gift of healing the parts of the body that have been affected by trauma, stress, etc.  I have been more self expressed and able to let things go that really don't matter which had been stopping me from living a happy and peaceful life.​

I even had a refresher meditation session during my lunch hour while I sat in my car.  After that session, I returned to work completely at peace and empowered.  I went through the rest of my day with ease.  My afternoon, my business results, and the conduct of my staff dramatically improved from what I had experienced that morning.
   - M.Harris, Pacific Beach, CA