2015 Blog posts


Posted 12/7/15

When was the last time you had that deep, ‘baked in your bones’ experience of total relaxation? Like if you were lying on a beach in some exotic locale, away from all the elements of your daily life and strife, with nothing to do or think about except exactly what you want to in that minute.

Relaxation like that is real, and it’s possible in this moment and every moment of your life.  And, relaxation like that provides deep satisfaction and happiness. 

But relaxation is a lot like stretching...you get better results when someone else helps you. You can allow all your muscles to go completely limp while someone stretches your muscles, rather than tensing one group of muscles trying to stretch out another by yourself. And with my guided meditation, you don't have to worry about keeping your mind clear or maintaining control over your thoughts.  You can relax completely. 

I can guide you to notice and release the tension you are holding in your body and to clear the blocks to let energy flow freely through your whole being, allowing you to feel balanced and relaxed. In that state of balance and relaxation, you experience a greater clarity as you approach and manage the circumstances in your life, to achieve greater success, satisfaction, and effectiveness.

I Unlimited….helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 12/5/15

Stressful events and moments come and go in our lives. But, did you ever notice how the moment passes, but the stress lingers?

Stress is not just a mental or emotional experience, it is physical too. Stress settles into our bodies, altering how we hold ourselves, the tightness of our muscles, how we breathe, our actions and the choices we make! You know that nagging headache, the sore back, feeling tired, dragging, drained, etc...

Even if you no longer have stress-provoking circumstances in your environment (which would be rare), we have to consciously, actively release the stress from our bodies, minds, and lives. If we don't, the stress lingers, and clouds what could otherwise be experiences of joy and cloudless sunshine in our lives.

Meditation is a great tool to release stress and restore yourself to a place of peacefulness, physical ease, and tranquility. Yet meditation can be frustrating...trying to still your mind, keep it clear, and be open to the benefits. That can just ramp your stress level right back up!

Having me guide you through a meditation allows you to remain relaxed. You don't have to clear your mind...instead, your mind can focus on the images and sensations I steer you through. In a live meditation session, I am able to help you relax and unblock the parts of your body where you hold tension. Areas you are so used to having tight and tense you don't even notice them anymore!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.