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Posted 2/11/20

Watch What You Say…to Yourself!

Be aware and mindful regarding what you say to yourself…and what you say about yourself…it matters.

What you say to yourself creates the foundation of your life and your reality…even if you don’t say it out loud.

For example…if you walk around saying (or even just thinking) “I’m so tired” repeatedly, you remain tired. You’re focused solely on that feeling, so you notice each moment you experience being tired, gathering your evidence that yep, you’re right…you are tired. You increase your awareness of that experience, and therefore remain stuck in that experience of feeling tired. In essence, you keep creating that reality for yourself.

But, if you start thinking or saying “I’m waking up” every time you feel tired, THAT is what you will create…you’ll feel awake!

See how much power you have?

Rephrase things.  

When you find yourself saying “I can’t…”, ask yourself “Is that really, really true?” Are you truly physically incapable?

I’m guessing plenty of people told the Wright brothers they couldn’t fly. If they heard it, they didn’t listen to it. Instead, they listened to what they told themselves and kept trying and advancing step by step until they succeeded.

What YOU say DOES make a difference. So rephrase things. Instead of “I can’t”, why not tell yourself “I can try”, or “maybe I can”, or “I can learn that”, or ask yourself “what’s the first thing I need to do in order to accomplish that?”

This isn’t about being phony or trying to make yourself love everything. It’s about removing your self-imposed limits and empowering yourself to take a new step forward, to be your best self, to have your best life.

Say something good - Think and speak in a way that creates a positive experience and positive reality for you.

If it’s in your heart, let it be in your mind too. 

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Posted 2/8/20

You CAN change.  

You just have to do that new behavior enough times, and it will become your norm.  That’s all it takes!   

You’re like a dancer who’s been performing the same dance for years.  In order to successfully change some of the steps in that dance, the dancer must consciously think through the new sequence of steps and practice, practice, practice.  

With enough practice, the dancer’s body will move automatically and fluidly through the new steps.  Without the practice, if the dancer doesn’t take each step with conscious awareness, their body will automatically perform the old sequence of steps, because that is what it is used to doing – what it knows.  That is familiar.  That old pattern is so routine, the dance can be performed without any thought – on auto-pilot.  

Even talented, professional dancers have to create a new ‘habit’ for their muscles to perform, or their bodies – on autopilot – will continue to recreate the old patterns.  

But dancers recreate and improve their dances all the time, and you can too!  

Change a couple steps in your life and perform them consciously until they become automatic for you.  

Keep changing steps until you LOVE the dance of your life!  

You CAN do it…one step at a time!

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Posted 11/8/19

 When a storm blows, the ocean gets churned up, but the mountain remains unmoved, unchanged by the storm.

Will you be the ocean or the mountain?

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