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Posted 12/31/17
Have you heard the saying “the Devil’s in the details”? 

It means that even if you do all the big ‘important’ things well, sometimes the little details left unattended can ruin the outcome.

So take a moment to check your focus, your attitude, and your habits.

When something occurs that is not in your plan, that threatens to throw you off your planned course, how do you react to it?
Do you stay committed to moving forward…dancing with the new development and finding the course of your path?
Or do you cease all progress and instead sit on the sidelines complaining about the development?

It seems like such a little thing…a little statement…just a few words of complaint.
But, those little moments can add up and create a habit.
   A habit that leaves you sitting idle on the sidelines of life, and perpetually unhappy.

Start changing that right now!

Rather than focusing on all you think was wrong with 2017, rejoice that the hardship is over…and you made it through!

Enter the dawning New Year with an open mind, an open heart, and the commitment to stay in action on your path. 

Take the opportunity to leave behind the negativity that drags you down, and start the New Year lighter and ready to soar!

The detail of your perspective will give you your reality…positive or negative.

The good news is…
   Every New Year, every new day, every moment gives you the opportunity to start fresh on a positive path to your dreams.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 12/24/17
At this time of year, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the things on your to-do list.

You can easily become stressed-out and worn-out running errand after errand,…
…fighting crowds,
…worrying what to get for every person on your list,
…who to celebrate with,
…cleaning, preparing
…will everyone get along…?,
the list goes on…

Instead of overflowing with love, joy, and celebration as the season is intended, we’re often exhausted, short-tempered, frazzled and frustrated trying to ensure everything’s “perfect”. 

Don’t allow expectations to rob you of happiness and contentment.

Is the “perfection” of every detail more important than the experience of love, joy, celebration, and togetherness?

Rather than celebrating the season, we feel as if we’ve been run over by it.

The best present you can give to yourself and others is the gift of your PRESENCE…your joy, your contentment, your open heart!

Don’t allow yourself to be trampled by concerns of “perfection” of your physical and material environment.  Remember...the trash collectors don't care if you gift-wrap your garbage...! Some little details and flourishes may be nice, but aren't necessary.

Make your emotional environment the priority. 
Can you enjoy each moment as it unfolds, or are you so rigidly attached to the picture of how everything must be that you snap at the least deviation?
Are you happy, joyful, loving?   Are you available to share, chat and listen to others?

Make sure to check in with yourself periodically to see where you are on the stress vs. peace & joy spectrum.

This is a time of year to be aware and mindful of love, joy, peace and relationships…and to consciously create them.  It is an entire season…not just one hour, or one event.

Don’t let the season come and go without experiencing the peace, gratitude, connection and fulfillment it represents. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.  

Posted 12/17/17

Chances are, at some point in time, you’ve had your trust broken or your feelings hurt.

In reality, those moments are gone.
The hurtful words once spoken dissolved instantly into the very air they were made of.
The painful actions are over.

Yet, we keep them alive and powerful by replaying those moments over and over in our minds…consciously or unconsciously.
They run our lives.
We actually design our lives around them.
We live focused on trying to keep from being hurt or disappointed again.
We don’t dare risk…

When we let those past events limit how we relate to the world, what we do, and who we know ourselves to be, we’re giving the power in our lives to those people and those hurtful moments. 

Repetition creates habit, which creates your life.
Replaying those negative experiences creates a negative life.

But it’s possible to create and live a positive, joyful life regardless of the ‘negative’ moments we may experience.

Think of the various experiences in your life like the parts of an elephant.
There are the beautiful, soul-filled eyes…and the butt.
The back end of an elephant has a beneficial purpose, but you don’t want to live your life standing 6 inches from it and staring at that view all the time…

Yet, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you focus on and re-live negative moments. 
You’re staring up-close at the elephant’s butt. 
You’re standing so close to it, that’s all you can see in your field of vision.
And you stay there…

If you move just a few feet, your entire view and perspective changes.
The eyes of an elephant can be mesmerizing.  They reflect such soul, such depth, such emotion.

Both ends are part of the same animal.  They’re just a few feet apart.
Yet they give you a completely different experience of that animal.

The same is true for the experiences in our lives.

You can focus on the negative past events and the hurt.
Or…you can step away from the ugly butt of the experience and find a different perspective.
One that empowers and enriches you.
There is ALWAYS another perspective.

If nothing else, you can focus on:
- that painful time is over
- you survived, you’re strong, you’re still here, you made it through
- you’ve been blessed, saved
- you’ve had times of love, joy, and happiness in your life
- you still have the opportunity to improve your life and increase your love and happiness

When you step away, and allow your field of vision to change and include more than that hurt, the hurt loses its power. 

So, don’t live in the elephant’s butt…make a habit of looking for the empowering, enriching perspective.

Find the elephant’s face, and you’ll feel love, support, and happiness grow in your life.

I Unlimited…helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 12/10/17
You have the equipment you need to create your work of art.

A sculptor doesn’t need paint brushes.   A painter doesn’t need a hammer.

You may be looking at the canvas of your life and feel lost and overwhelmed. 
You may feel the sculptor has made more progress than you have.
You may think his art is better than yours. 

Once finished, can’t both pieces of art be considered beautiful?

Don’t both have a place in our world?  Don’t both contribute to our experience and bring beauty to our world?

While you’re focused on what another artist is doing and how far along they are, no progress is being made on your piece. 

If you’re consumed with comparing yourself to what everyone else has or is doing, you may very well miss the turns and signs on your path, and run right off your road.

So don’t worry that others have things you don’t.
You have something they don’t.

The most beautiful painting was once a blank canvas, was once just a single stroke of paint, was at one time unrecognizable as the masterpiece it is now.

But, stroke by stroke, it developed and morphed into something beautiful.

So, focus on your path, your role, your work of art, and the steps for you to take in this moment. 
What can you do with the skills and equipment you have right now?

Focus on your canvas and the tools you have at hand.

The picture will emerge as you progress. 
Your skills and tools will evolve throughout your journey.

Beauty can be created from what seems like nothing at the start.


I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.  

Posted 12/3/17

When you’re cold, you can stand before a fire, but you won’t feel warm until the heat penetrates and fills you inside. 
Warming the outer layer of skin isn’t enough.

The same is true with Love and Happiness.

You can’t truly experience lasting Love or Happiness unless they come from within you.

Coming only from the outside, Love and Happiness can’t penetrate enough to fill you.

So fan the flames of Love within you for yourself.
Fan the flame of Gratitude for all the attributes and goodness you have.
Fan the flame of Love for the power that created you and stands with you as your partner in life.
Fan the flames of Gratitude and Happiness for all that you have.
Fan the flame of Love for the vision of what you can be and contribute to the world.

Let those flames destroy the barbs of self-doubt and criticism.

Generating Love and Happiness from within will last.
They’ll warm you from within.
They will create a glow within you, igniting more Love, Happiness and warmth all around you.

The world is waiting for the warmth of your Love.

Start fanning the flames.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 11/5/17
If it’s true that patience is a virtue, I haven’t been a virtuous woman!

I suffer from Microwave goals and Easy-Bake dreams!  Do you?

I want instant gratification.  Watching TV shows like ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and ‘Bewitched’ as a little girl didn’t help me learn patience either!  As soon as I have an idea, I want to live my vision fully realized right now. 

I don’t want to drive, I just want to blink and be at my destination.
I go through the supermarket like I’m a race car driver trying to get to the finish line before the rest of the shoppers.

Unfortunately, this perspective leaves me always stressed, on edge, and focused on what isn’t right in this moment…my life doesn’t match my vision.

Trying to speed through to the finish lines results in racing through your life without actually living it.

Focusing on the end goal, feeling disappointed and oblivious in the present moment become a habit.
Living this way, you don’t enjoy life even when you do accomplish your goals.  The habit of ‘what’s wrong or missing in my life right now’ will take over, which prompts thoughts of ‘this is what I need to be happy’, and the cycle starts all over again.

The reality is that this is the only moment you can live.  You can’t live the accomplishment until you’ve gone through the steps required to produce that outcome.

Learn to be peaceful and present in each moment.
You’ll find you have more moments of joy and satisfaction than you ever dreamed, and happiness will light up your life every day.

So breathe, and be right where you are right now.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 10/30/17
You’re probably well aware of your flaws, your shortcomings, the errors you’ve made.

Do you focus on them, dwell on them, obsess about them, even beat yourself up over them?

If you were a business, you’d know in order to operate effectively, you’d need a clear understanding of:
   - ALL the equipment and inventory you have available to use and/or sell,
   - which items are most frequently used,
   - how to utilize valuable assets,
   - how to replenish your assets

So assess this for yourself personally.  Take a COMPLETE inventory of yourself, not just of what you feel is wrong about you.

There is more to you than just your mistakes and shortcomings.

1 - Take stock of all you’ve done right.  Every kindness you’ve shown, every favor you’ve done, every time you stopped yourself from lashing out, …

2 - Count your good qualities, skills and talents. 

3 - Be honest about what attitude(s) you present to the world most often.  Don’t worry…if it isn’t based in goodness, you can change your attitude and outlook.  Consciously choose to use your positive attributes.

4 – Make sure to refill your stores of patience, joy, love and gratitude daily, so you always have a supply to fill your life, and to give to others.  And while you’re at it…take a moment every day to dump any negativity that may have built up.  It’s easy to do. 

Just go within, and breathe.  Consciously let all negative thought and feelings go.  As they fall away, you will be left with only love, joy, and gratitude.  Imagine those growing bigger and stronger within you with each breath.

The more you practice this, the more joy and love will fill your life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.  

Posted 10/22/17

Do you sometimes wonder why life doesn’t go exactly the way you want or plan?

Why can’t you reach your goals in two easy steps?

Why doesn’t life progress in a clear, straight path?

Have no fear. 

Each experience is like a different ingredient.

A one ingredient meal would be rather boring. 

With time and consciousness, these experiences will turn your life into a savory stew.

The key is consciousness.

Be in the moment.  What can you gain from this experience?  How can you grow?

Savor each experience.

For if you allow it, you will be made better with each one.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 10/15/17

If you ate only 1 food all the time, every time you ate, you would not be well nourished.

If all you ever ate was cherries breakfast, lunch and dinner…or candy…or Big Macs…
You’d have too much of some elements, and be lacking others.

In fact, over time, parts of you would suffer physically from that limitation. 

To be well nourished, you need a variety of foods from varying food groups.
You want to include many colors of food in your day to keep your body healthy.

Interactions with others are like dining. 

If you only interact with people of one color…or one belief…all the time, your life will suffer from that limitation.

The more variety of groups and colors you include in your daily ‘diet’ of interactions, the more well-rounded you will be, and the more nourished your heart and soul will be.

Start by adding just one new person into your world.  Get to know them.  Let them know you.  See what flavor and nourishment they have to add to your life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 


Posted 10/1/17

Are you keeping a ‘death grip’ on what you accomplish and achieve in life?  Every advancement, every possession, every title?  Do you keep such a tight grip on it so it can’t get away from you that you strangle the life out of it? 

When you try to trap and hold something so it can’t get away from you, you can actually, squash and strangle something beautiful…like a butterfly.  The butterfly isn’t made to stay with you forever.  Enjoy it while it’s there, then let it go on to fulfill its journey.  Then, enjoy the next vision of beauty and peace that comes your way.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 9/24/17

What if our thoughts and actions were attached to us as if by an elastic string…

In that case, it’s clear to see that what we send out would eventually come back to our lives.

Consider that what you experience is a result of your own actions to others.

If you feel you’re being judged and criticized, where are you doing that to others in your life?

So if you want to feel more love, kindness and support in your life, could it be as simple as sending love, kindness and support out into the world? 

Try it.  You’ll feel good when you send it out, and you’ll feel good when you receive it back!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 9/17/17

As you go through life…challenges, issues, problems will arise from time to time.

Think of your life’s journey as if you’re an explorer travelling through unknown territory, heading to a better place.

When the issues, challenges, and problems arise, it’s as though you’re crossing a river.

Once you’re in the river, you have 2 choices:
   1 – keep going until you reach the other side, or
   2 – retreat back to the shore you started from

Once you’ve already entered the river, you might as well keep going until you’re all the way through it and it’s behind you. 

Getting across the river is the only way for you to get to the better place. 

You’ll have to cross that river at some point.  If you’re already in it, keep going!

The same with issues in life…there’s a lesson for you to learn.
Learn it now, or learn it later…it will keep coming up until you work through it.

We learn from every experience in our lives…ESPECIALLY the challenges.

So don’t stall out…keep going forward.

You won’t believe the beauty of where you’ll end up!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 9/10/17

Consider yourself a mirror.
When people look at you, what do they see? 
I’m not talking about your outer appearance.

What are you projecting out from within you?

The true core of who you are starts out pure and pristine…like a clean, clear mirror.
You have no judgement, no anger, no fear or hate.
You start out life radiating love and happiness out into the world.

But, if we don’t keep that inner mirror clean, over time it clouds over with residue from our experiences. 
As sediment from our fears, hurts, and disappointments builds up, the love and happiness can’t shine through.

So…what are you projecting out from your core?

Is it joy…love…compassion…understanding…patience?

Or, are people met with anger…arrogance…frustration…fear…or even hate from you?

What are you shining out into the world?

Because if we’re all mirrors, that which you shine out will be reflected back to you…

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 9/3/17
You want love, and you deserve love.

You look for love…and look and look.  But what you find falls short.

Where will you find the person with whom you can experience the most important, powerful, and fulfilling love of your life? 
A love that will form the foundation for all other love to appear and flourish…?

Simple…in the mirror!

If you don’t love yourself, you don’t have it to give to others…
AND…if you don’t love yourself, you can’t receive it FROM others.

That’s why the search ‘out there’ always ends up with the ‘wrong one’…because it isn’t You!

Start with You.  Look within.  What’s great about you?…and there ARE great things about You!

When you’re able to like and love yourself completely (not arrogance), and to have tolerance and compassion for your ‘short-comings’, THEN you can like and love and share with another.

So fall in love with yourself first if you want the love of others to be truly and richly present in your life.

Commit to yourself fully…commit to yourself as deeply, honestly, and genuinely as you would to a spouse, and you’ll find you’re becoming your best self.  What you’ll bring to every other partnership and relationship will be greater.

     Commit to be supportive of yourself in sickness and in health…
     Commit to be supportive of yourself in good times and in bad…
     Commit to be supportive of yourself for better or worse…
     ….until death do you part!

I mean it.  Commit to Love, Honor, and Cherish yourself…to never give up and never sell out on yourself, and you’ll reap the benefits in Love!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 8/13/17
When you’re looking for answers, create silence…both around you AND within you.

It’s great to ask sincere questions of appropriate people in your quest for insight and understanding. 

However, you must realize all the external ‘blah, blah, blah’ won’t change your life.

What will provide deep, meaningful changes in your life is to stop talking to other people, stop listening to the voice in your head, and listen to your heart.

When you stop the ‘noise’ in your head and in your environment, when YOU get quiet, THEN you can hear the voice in your heart.

The voice in your head is ego based, and ego won’t help you elevate your life.

Even powerful insights into your life and new understandings of yourself won’t improve your life until you silence the noise in your head and around you and find the voice in your heart in the silence.

That will always be your best source of guidance. 

The voice in your heart can help you take the revelations and insights you’ve had about yourself and your life, and translate them into changes in your life that lead you to your ultimate life of joy, success, love, and peace.

Ask your heart for your insights and clear steps on your path, then listen in the silence for the answers in your heart.

You may be surprised by where your heart leads you, and the beautiful scenery you’ll find along the way!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 8/6/17

Do you sometimes feel like your life is missing something?  Like YOU’RE lacking something?

Does it sometimes feel like there’s a hole inside you where joy, happiness, or confidence ‘should’ be?

If you saw a child feeling that way, what would you do?

You’d step in to fill that child with love, and help them see the gifts they possess and how wonderful they are.

So…do that for yourself!

There is a child inside you who feels left out, left behind, not good enough.

Remind that child how gifted, precious, and wonderful s/he is.

Wrap yourself in that caring, genuine embrace.

You deserve it.

Fill the holes inside yourself with Love.

Then, you’ll have Love available to share (instead of criticism)!

You can only share what you feel inside. 

So, fill all your holes with Love and see that you are whole and valuable…even while you’re ‘perfectly imperfect’!

When you do, you’ll be amazed how your life will transform!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 7/30/17
Was there a time in your childhood when you decided you weren’t good enough, strong enough, smart enough, just not…enough?

Did someone with power or authority over you as a child tell you that or make you feel that way? 

You’re not alone.  Many of us have that experience.

You’ve spent your whole life working to overcome that deficit…to prove you ARE good enough, you ARE strong enough, you ARE smart enough…

But still that feeling still persists.  It may be that you’re waiting for someone with power and authority to declare you are, in fact fabulous, perfect, and more than enough!

However, there’s no one in our adult world with the equal level of power and authority over us that people had over us as children.  There is no one with enough power and authority in the world who can declare you are enough and have you now believe and accept that declaration…a declaration that would completely change your life and how you live it.

No one…except you.

When you were a child, adults held all the power and authority.

But you’re the adult now.  YOU are the authority figure of your life now.  YOU are the most powerful person in your life.

And you ARE powerful…after all, you’ve been the one limiting yourself and declaring yourself unworthy all these years.

The only thing you’ve ever needed and have been waiting for is for YOUR approval!  YOU get to say what you believe about yourself.  Realize you ARE great, you ARE powerful, you ARE good enough.

Do you have some flaws and limitations?  Sure…we all do.
But, you also have strengths.  I know you do.

Quit harping on what you think you lack.

Accept your role as the authority figure in your life, and declare for yourself and the world who you are and what gifts you bring to your relationships.

Focus on the good, genuine, considerate, loving, kind, supportive qualities and behaviors you have, and you’ll find those things you thought you’re missing will resolve!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 7/23/17
What are you unconsciously competent (or even masterful) at doing?

Since its unconscious, you're probably not even aware of it…

It happens when you learn anything new.

Remember learning a new dance?
At first, you’re aware it’s unfamiliar and you don’t know how to do it.
So you practice it, consciously talking yourself through each move.
In time, you perform the dance more smoothly, still consciously moving through each step.
With enough practice, you perform the moves like a pro without even thinking about it.

The same is true with driving. 
You started out consciously aware you didn’t have mastery of all the various elements.
Then you learned them and were comfortable.
After driving a while, you no longer need to think about all the various actions.
You perform them unconsciously.
You’ve probably had an experience of arriving at your destination and not remembering driving there.

Anything you do with enough frequency you become so competent at that you take the actions unconsciously.

So, what interpersonal thoughts and behaviors are you wielding unconsciously? 
Are they still in your best interest?

Patterns of thought and behavior that started when we were children may actually work against us as adults.

You aren’t doing the same dance moves you did as a kid…right?

Upgrade your thoughts, behaviors, and interactions with people too.

Shine a light on your actions.
Why are you acting that way? 
Are your underlying assumptions true?

You just may create a magical new dance with the people in your life!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 7/13/17
We view our lives and the world thru the filter of our assumptions.

If we assume and expect to see support, love, kindness, and joy in our world, we find support, love, kindness, and joy.

If we assume and expect to see criticism, judgement, anger, and exclusion, we find criticism, judgement, anger and exclusion.

We find those things in the world around us, because that’s what we’re experiencing INSIDE us.

What we see outside ourselves is because that’s already inside us.

Since that’s what we feel, that’s what we see.

If you’re not finding what you want in the world around you, look within.

What do you assume to be true?  What do you think is the ‘truth’ about the world?  About you and your future?  About what’s possible for your life?

Change your thinking, change your assumptions, and you will change your world.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 7/9/17 
What if what you said stayed in your life? 

What if your words created the world you live in?  The walls that surround you, the environment and décor, the people around you…  What if you had to carry them, look at them, walk around with them forever.

Hateful words would be heavy with thorns, barbs, and sharp, painful edges you’d hurt yourself on.

Kind, supportive words would be light, creating a cozy, comfortable environment.

If words were the food you ate…harsh, cruel words would be bitter, difficult to swallow, and would make you sick. 

Kind, supportive words would taste delicious, and would nurture and nourish you.

If you lived understanding you have to live with the words you say forever…with them creating the world you live in, you’d be more careful about what you said….

Your words create your world.  Make it beautiful!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 7/6/17
What you give will come back to you.


Because that is what you focus on.

What you focus on, you give energy to.

What gets energy, grows! It becomes an actual entity in the world.

So, what you give your energy to you will create and attract back to you.

So, what do you want in your life?

Do you want to be ‘right’?  Guess what…you’ll attract people who also want to be ‘right’ in their opinions.

Do you want hate in your life?  Keep telling everyone who differs from you they’re wrong.

Do you want joy?  Find something in each circumstance to be grateful for.  Look for opportunities to be happy.

Do you want peace and cooperation?  Find something in each person to accept and have in common.

It all starts with you.

You are the creator.

Make it beautiful!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.  

Posted 7/2/17
Do you abandon your feelings for your logic?

When your heart is telling you to say no, but your logical mind can’t justify it, do you ignore the voice in your heart?

Do you sacrifice what you know is right for you in order to appease someone else’s logic, wants or needs?

The direction from the voice in your heart may not make sense to your logical mind, but perhaps you don’t need to choose between the two. 

Too often we believe there are only two options:  say yes when our heart says no, or lose out. 
But, perhaps there is a third option: develop another proposal.  One that doesn’t violate what your heart tells you is right for you.

Don’t try to force your heart to fit your logic, and don’t try to make your heart embrace what your logical mind says.

And…don’t worry about others understanding and agreeing with your heart’s direction!

Listen and follow the direction in your heart, even if it doesn’t make sense to other people, and see what pathways develop that you didn’t see before with your logical mind.

It just might lead to happiness!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 6/29/17
Mark Twain said “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

Think of those moments you’ve steeped, simmered, and fermented in the acid of anger…seething over events that have already passed, reliving them over and over.

The acid of anger will eat at you, and cause you dis-ease.  It eats away the flesh and bone of your body as well as the delicate substance of your spirit.

You may want vengeance.  But even if you get vengeance…is it worth your health, your vitality, your life?

When you’re angry, you can’t experience any other emotion…happiness, love, peace,…

Don’t turn the control of your peace and happiness over to anyone else.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of letting go.  Once something has ended…let it go!

Only then will you be available for great things to occur in your life!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.  

Posted 6/25/17
Are you selling your spirit or soul off in installments?

When someone mistreats you, do you convince yourself ‘it’s no big deal’ rather than take a stand for your needs or boundaries?

When you go along with something that isn’t right for you, when you smother and suffocate that voice in your heart telling you what is right or wrong for you, a little bit of your soul and spirit dies.

Every time you sell out on yourself and your needs, every time you allow someone to trample your boundaries, every time you choose to honor another person’s needs/demands at the cost of your soul spirit, every time you allow someone to mistreat you, you lose a little piece of your soul spirit. 

You become like a giant jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing.  After a while, you can no longer see the image of who you are.

The good news is…like other works of art… your soul and spirit can be restored to wholeness.

As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘watch your pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves’.

The same can be said for your spirit and soul…be mindful of even the little moments that violate your soul and sell off your spirit an inch at a time.  Listen to the voice in your heart as it tells you when something is right or wrong for you to live your best life…then follow its guidance.

Standing up for yourself does not require a fighting demeanor.  You don’t need to overpower another.  Just don’t remain in a soul-sucking situation.

When you protect each precious piece of your soul, your spirit will remain whole and powerful.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 


Posted 6/18/17

How do you react when someone’s words or actions upset you?

Do you jump to expressing your hurt or anger?  Do you retaliate?  Or, maybe you pull away from them, become silent or shut them out…?

Have you ever found out AFTER punishing someone for their ‘offense’ that your interpretation of their words or actions was WRONG?!?! 

Taking a moment to ask if you are interpreting someone’s words and actions correctly BEFORE you jump to acting out of anger may keep you from wasting precious energy and damaging a relationship.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

​Posted 6/15/17
Living your best life, being your best self isn’t about ‘getting’ somewhere, achieving something, learning something…  

Your best self is already in you…right here, right now. 

Following your heart will guide you to uncovering it.

Your innate instincts will guide you.

You can’t reason, plot, plan, strategize or think your way to being your best self.

You just uncover it and let it bloom right where you are!

Scrape off the muck that is smothering it.

Start with respecting, honoring and nurturing the kind, loving, instinctive voice within you.

As that grows, you have more of that to share with the world around you, and EVERYONE will grow and benefit.

Don’t be afraid…and don’t wait…to be your best self and have your best life!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 6/11/17
Is your life a battle, a race or a dance?

Is the pursuit of your goals and dreams making you happy or miserable?  Are you worn out and tense?  Do you snap?  Do you have time to notice and enjoy the world around you and the people in it?

As you pursue your goals, are you able to interact with others with ease, patience, and kindness?  Are you able to consider their perspective?  Or, are you trying to control them to fit your picture and meet your timetable? 

Fighting others and trying to muscle them into submission leaves you exhausted, bruised…and frequently unsuccessful.

So, quit focusing on the circumstances and other people in your life.  Stop focusing on how other people are doing compared to you.  Stop trying to be ‘better’ than everyone else…to be the first one to the finish line. 

There isn’t just one definition and picture of success.  So follow the music of your heart and dance with the people and circumstances in your life.

Focus on what your heart tells you is the right move for you.  Then…spin, turn, laugh, sway, and boogie your way to happiness and your version of success.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 6/8/17
Could feelings of depression actually be habitual?

Residue leftover from repeated thoughts and actions?

Ruts and pathways are formed by traveling the same ground repeatedly.

The same phenomena happens in our brains too, just as in the earth.

The good news is…you can create new pathways, new habits.

It takes repeated conscious action, and it may be easier than you think.

There’s a line in the movie Dashing Through the Snow:
“Show joy, and joy will show itself to you.”

Meaning, if you want to be happy, act happy.

I’m not saying be fake or over the top.

Just focus on those things in your life that are good and positive.
Perhaps focus on the fulfillment of the dreams you’re working on.

Keep your focus solely on those positive elements, and feelings of gratitude and joy will begin to emerge.

Breathe life into those feelings.  Fill yourself with them, then carry them with you into your daily life.

Do this consciously every day throughout the day if need be.

The more you focus on feelings of gratitude and joy, the more happiness you will experience.

The more you practice joy, gratitude, and happiness, the more natural it will become for you.

Do this daily, and before you know it happiness will be your way of life.

And when you feel happy, grateful, and joyful, you will attract the same to you!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 6/4/17
Are you waiting for life to be perfect?

And once your life is ‘perfect’, then you’ll…what?

You’ll be happy then?
THEN you’ll take action on the projects and plans you have?
You’ll finally start to LIVE then…???

We wait for all the elements of our life to come together, to be ideal before taking action.
Until then, we’re in limbo…in a holding pattern…just maintaining and surviving our current circumstances until all problems are gone and life is perfect.

But life is like a river.  It’s active and flowing.  If you put your hand in a river, you’re touching different water molecules each moment.  The same water drops don’t stay in the same place. 

Like the river, life changes every moment.  So, even if your life does reach perfection in one moment, it cannot remain static.

You get older, kids grow up, jobs change, people move, …all kinds of changes are happening in every minute.  Some changes are abrupt, big, noticed.  Some are so small and subtle you don’t notice them in the moment.

While you’re mourning or resisting the changes, life is flowing past you.

Do you watch a gently flowing river with sadness because that molecule you just connected with will never again touch you…be part of your life?!?! 

No! You just enjoy the river. You enjoy watching the flow of the river as the water molecules pass by. Resisting that flow would be a COLOSSAL waste of time and energy. You cannot make the molecules come back. 

In that same way you enjoy the river, you can enjoy the flow and evolution of your life!

Seeing your life from that perspective, the view is interesting, engaging, and ever-changing!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 6/1/17
There’s an easy and (almost) effortless way that YOU can spread more peace, love, joy and respect in the world…

What if you turned negative statements into positive ones?

When you have a complaint, gripe, or criticism with someone, take a moment and see how you might phrase the issue in a positive way rather than a negative and/or accusatory way.

No one likes to be judged, attacked, critiqued, or criticized.

Saying ‘please don’t push’ rather than ‘quit being a jerk’ is likely to give you a more preferable outcome! 

Ask for what you want and need, rather than complain or criticize: ‘if you could do “x”, that would really help me’ rather than ‘you never do anything’.

Taking just one moment to flip the negative-based comment that’s about to come out of your mouth into a more positive statement, you not only avoid the retaliatory anger your negative statement may ignite, but you may actually create a closer relationship and more positive interactions!

How about the comment you’re about to make to a friend or co-worker about a situation or another person who isn’t there?  If it’s not positive and spreading respect, peace, and love…does it need to be said?

Think for a second about what you’re about to say.  Is it creating and sending out peace and love…or hate and condemnation?

It only takes a moment!  And, taking that moment puts you in a more positive frame of mind, which then allows you to create and spread more peace, love, and respect in the world.

Flush your negatives, and live in the positive!  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 5/28/17
Did something hurt you in the past?

Many times, those hurts we experience leave a scar.  It may not be a physical scar, but it may have scarred your heart and your psyche.

Over time, the scar may not be as noticeable.  It may fade.  You learn to live with it…But it’s still there. 

You can’t change the past, but what if you can change the scar???

That long ago event made a deep impact on your life. 

What if you can choose to make a new imprint over that old scar?

People do it with physical scars and tattoos…they tattoo right over them and create a new image that fills them with peace and power when they see it.

You can do the same thing with the scars on your heart and psyche. 

Create a new imprint over it that incorporates it into something that inspires you to love, joy and grace. 

The scar is still there, but you can turn it into a bigger and more beautiful image.

Maybe you can’t change the past, but you can change the imprint it leaves on you, and more importantly…YOU CAN CHANGE THE EFFECT PAST EVENTS HAVE ON YOUR LIFE NOW AND IN THE FUTURE!!

Like Robin Roberts quotes her mom as saying, ‘make your mess your message’.  Meaning, turn it into inspiration!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 5/25/17
It’s easier to let go than it is to hang on.

If you’ve ever held on to something for an extended period of time, you know how your hand stiffens and cramps.

So…why do we insist on hanging on to behaviors, thoughts, and situations that are detrimental to our happiness and peace of mind?

We desperately cling, even though our choices are causing hurt and ache in our lives.

The reason we keep doing this is because we don’t associate the aches and pains in our lives with the thoughts, behaviors and situations we have a death-grip on. 

When we’re unhappy with the results in our lives, what do we do???  MORE OF THE SAME!!

We think we can ‘power’ our way through to success…that if we push hard enough, we’ll get the results we want.

What if you stopped holding on so tightly to how you think things ‘should’ be?

What if you held on to your dreams and desires like they were a dance partner?

What if you danced WITH the rhythms of life, rather than trying to force life to march to your drummer?

Let your life be a dance instead of a struggle!

Stay tuned in to the song and be flexible.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 5/21/17
Like most of us, I live wrapped and trapped in the tight cocoon my fears, experiences, and choices in my past have spun around me.

So, I wrap myself daily in conscious awareness in order to emerge as my best self.

Life changes every minute…we grow, we develop, our environment and the world around us changes constantly. 

So why do we bring our personal progress and development to a screaming halt at some point…living our lives from an outdated level of understanding and ability? 

I choose to leave the cocoon of my past…those thoughts, behaviors, and habits that once may have protected and aided me, but now keep me trapped and limit my life.

Look around and see yourself and the world around you from a fresh perspective.  See with clarity who you truly are and how the world around you truly is…and isn’t.

Allow yourself to see all the amazing assets, qualities, and power you have. 

Take time to see the wonderful opportunities life has for you, and live your life from that understanding.

Give yourself the gift of conscious re-birth daily.

Be a butterfly that leaves the restrictive confines of the cocoon, and live free!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 5/18/17
Holding air takes no effort or exertion on your part.  After all, air is as light as…well, air!

If you hold and carry a person, however, you bear their weight.   

The weight of the person you carry becomes greater over time as your muscles tire and fatigue.

Your power and strength are drained as you continue to carry them.

Now, imagine you’re carrying 2 people, 3 people, 8 people, 12 people,…

That is what happens when we bear the responsibility – the weight - for someone else’s happiness.

We drain our own resources.  We have nothing left, and still cannot guarantee happiness for another!

But, holding the possibility, the hope, the ‘space’ for the happiness of another…that takes no power or strength away from us. 

Giving people the room, the encouragement, the confidence to create their own happiness takes no effort. 

And, what people create for themselves…they own and keep!

So, if you truly want others to be happy and fulfilled, hold the space for them to CREATE that for THEMSELVES. 

Then, be an example for them…spend your time, energy, and resources creating for yourself!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 5/14/17
To grow, a seed must break its shell.

It shatters the shell completely to have the room and freedom to grow.

The pieces of the shell remain attached, yet still the seed grows.

The pieces of the old shell don’t deter the seed from growing bigger and stronger…becoming what it is destined to be.

Eventually, the pieces of the old shell dissolve away.

The greatest redwoods, the mighty oak trees, the most beautiful flowers were once tiny, limited little seeds.

How about you?

What is the old shell you are trapped in?

What thoughts, beliefs, and fears are holding you down and keeping you small?

What limitations is it time to break out of so you can grow in the light and become all you are meant to be?

Go ahead…crack open your shell.

Let the light in.

Grow beyond your limitations.

There is a whole new life available and waiting for you!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 5/11/17
What you put into a pitcher affects the entire contents.

If you had a pitcher of lemonade, then added drops of poison to it, that poison would affect the entire pitcher of lemonade.

Perhaps one or two drops would not cause the lemonade overall to be poisonous.

But, as you keep adding drops, the lemonade becomes less sweet and more toxic.

You too are a vessel just like that pitcher. 

What do you want to be filled with?

Bitterness, anger, hatred will seep through every cell and space within you.

Take a few seconds every morning and every evening (at least) to empty the contents of your emotional vessel.  You can imagine your emotional vessel to be as simple or ornate as you wish.  You may picture emptying it as pouring out from the top, or as the bottom opening up and dumping out the contents.

Now empty and pure, take a few seconds to consciously fill your emotional vessel with that which you wish to experience…joy, gratitude, love, grace, hope, generosity,…

When your emotional vessel is filled with happiness and positivity, that is what you will experience,…

…and that is what you will have available to pour out to the world!

Sweet, huh?

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 5/7/17
How much of what weighs you down is not yours to carry?  (from ‘The Mastery of Self’)

Did someone once tell you you weren’t good enough?  Have you now taken over that role and tell yourself over and over again you’re not good enough?  Do you beat yourself up over every tiny perceived failure?

Or, do you feel as though it’s your job to make someone else happy?  To make their life upset and burden free?

Start recognizing those voices in your head that tell you you’re not good enough, it’s your fault, you should do more, etc…

That is not your voice, nor is it the voice of ‘God’.

It’s not even true!

You were born perfect and innocent.

Restore yourself to your pure soul, and start again from there.

Create your life from that place of purity.

What you create will be Divine!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 4/30/17
Everything you’re looking for in order to be happy and fulfilled is already within you.

All the love you’re looking for, all the joy and happiness, all the wisdom and connection to something beyond yourself exists in abundance within you…yes YOU!!

You don’t need to look anywhere else for it but within. 

There is a treasure-trove of riches already inside you…you only need to access it. 

If you’ll get quiet and go within, you’ll find the jewels that are already inside you.

But, like any other mining expedition, you have to dig through the dirt to get to the treasure.  And that’s where most of us stop.

All the dirt of thoughts, fears, memories, past upsets, and life’s demands distract and stop us.

We want to avoid the experience of feeling the dirt.

We think digging that dirt up will be painful, but in reality leaving the dirt there is what’s causing your pain.

Let us help you power through the dirt and find the jewels inside you.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 4/27/17
Imagine you’re trying to find a particular office in a large building.

You open a door and walk in, only to discover this isn’t the right office.

Would you feel obligated to stay there because you had opened the door…that you’d made your choice, opened the door and now you’re stuck there?

Of course not! 

You would recognize it’s not what you were looking for, not where you planned to be.

You would excuse yourself and leave.  Likely thinking no more about leaving than a little awkward.

So why don’t we do the same thing with people and jobs?

Why do we stay and cling…trying to make it fit and hoping it will change?

Don’t stay in the ‘wrong’ place.

If a situation or relationship does not support you to be your best self, leave.

You wouldn’t give up on finding the right office in the building, would you?

So don’t give up on your life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 4/23/17
Moments when we fall short of great behavior or results are opportunities to learn.

Don’t make it worse by spending more time wallowing in regret or anger.

You see, hitting your goal does not mean you’re better than others, and missing the mark does NOT mean you’re a failure, a loser, not smart enough, not good enough.

It only means you missed the mark….THAT time!

See what you can learn from it as you move forward.
Resolve any conflicts left behind, create a new plan, and forge ahead.

The only way you can lose, is to stop trying.

Rid yourself from the burdens of your past, and free yourself up for a GREAT future.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 4/20/17
No one achieves success all alone. 

It takes partnership with others. 

Even if you develop a great philosophy, lifestyle, exercise plan, diet, or curriculum…which you can dream up and develop on your own…it isn’t great until others participate and their lives improve.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You may find you can accomplish more, or even something greater than you originally dreamed! 

The greatest obstacle in life is getting out of your own way!

Your thinking is already filled with blocks and limitations.  What you think about the time you have available, what you think about your ability, about your finances, about all the things you “have” to do and all the things you “can’t” do….

Don’t be afraid…utilize the resources available to you.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 4/9/17
“Without awareness there is no choice.” - John F. Barnes

This is a POWERFUL statement.

We are COMPLETELY UNAWARE, for the most part, that there are alternative thoughts, beliefs, and actions to those we exhibit.

We run on auto-pilot through our lives.

We repeat habits.  We repeat or defy what we learned growing up.  We make a choice once and never review it again in new circumstances…

Either we aren’t aware of other options, or we believe our thoughts, beliefs and actions are the ‘right’ ones.

If we objectively ask ourselves “is my thought or action the only option?”, and “are my thoughts, beliefs and assumptions ‘TRUE’?” a whole new world of options and possibilities become available.

Try doing this in as many situations in your life as possible.

What you see may surprise you.

You may make some changes that improve and serve your life better. Or, you may still end up taking the original action you intended and holding the same beliefs, but you are consciously choosing them after reviewing other possibilities.

Looking at other perspectives creates the opportunity for greater understanding and connections among people.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 4/2/17
People say they’re looking for their ‘other half’.

But that’s just makes two incomplete half-people, each looking for the other to complete them and make them happy.

That won’t resolve your issues or make you whole.  All that will get you is someone else dumping their pile of needs on top of yours!

Instead, find the rest of yourself you’re missing.

When you’re whole, you can find and attract another whole person.  Then, you can actually have a relationship with another person, rather than with your issues or their issues.

You were born a whole being.  Don’t wait to find and re-integrate the parts of yourself you’ve lost touch with.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 3/30/17
Love, compassion and kindness don’t require 100% perfection.

Criticism is myopic, looking closely at only little details. 

Step back and look at a bigger picture.  What else do you see?

You are so much more than (what you consider to be) your past failures and shortcomings.

So is every other person.

What you focus on is what you create more of.

So, the choice is yours…do you want to create more love, kindness, greatness, generosity?
Or, do you want to create more failure, anger, criticism, and shortcomings?

As you focus on the positive, you will be positive.
You will create the positive.
You will inspire and spread positive behavior to the people around you!

Get yourself grounded and clear and create a world of love, kindness, and compassion.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 3/26/17
Have you ever received a package that was filled with styrofoam packing peanuts surrounding the product shipped? 

You have to dig through the packing peanuts to get to the treasure inside.  Remove them.  Get them out of your way.

The same is true for you.  If you’re not present to love for yourself and others deep within you…you just haven’t dug through all the packing material to the gift in the package!

To feel love for yourself in the depths of your heart, you need to get the negativity and self-criticism out of the way. 
Notice those behaviors that make you feel badly about yourself, and discontinue them.
Focus on your positive attributes and what you have done well, rather than on your failures and shortcomings.

To feel love in your heart for others…even those you feel are ‘wrong’…you need to get fear and anger out of the way.

When you know that at your core you are a good, kind, valuable person who has made mistakes, has some flaws, and had some past failures, you can see the same in others. 

So…dig through the fluff and the protective material filling our lives, and find the treasure within!  It’s worth the effort.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 3/5/17
I consider my home my sanctuary, my cocoon of safety.

I am careful who and what I let into my home, mindful to keep negative, draining, belittling people out.

But then I realized, I bring negative energy into my home myself with nasty thoughts about others, with belittling thoughts of myself, and by focusing on unpleasant and draining thoughts and issues, (and media), rather than on uplifting and positive ones.

So, rather than focus my attention and energy solely on keeping negativity from coming into my home through other people, I choose the live in the following manner:

I choose to fill my life, my spirit, my home with gratitude, love, and joy so there is no room for negativity!

When you focus on gratitude, love and joy….they increase!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 2/19/17
You can stick to your guns without firing them.

You don’t have to battle people into agreeing with you. 

You don’t always need the agreement or understanding of others to proceed and succeed.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted or derailed by frustration or anger with the opinions of others.

It’s possible for you to be peaceful in the face of disagreement, disapproval, or lack of understanding from others. 

Gain clarity in your heart on your best actions.

If you encounter resistance or opposition from others, just stay on your course.

Don’t lose focus or waste energy engaging in unnecessary battles.

Remember, you don’t have to fire your guns in order to stick to them.

Let us help you reclaim and strengthen your inner peace. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 2/17/17
My glass is always full.

You see, life has both tangible and in-tangible elements.

Just because an element can’t be seen or touched, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, and doesn’t mean it isn’t a valuable treasure.

The experiences of love, joy, confidence and serenity cannot be touched or measured either, but they most certainly exist!

So, even if my glass is only half full of life’s tangible elements, I know it’s filled the rest of the way with life’s intangible elements.

Even if there is nothing tangible in my glass at all, it isn’t empty. 

It is always filled with intangible elements such as love, joy, hope, serenity, and kindness.

They are always there, available to me, waiting for me to drink from that glass.

The choice is mine.

I choose to see my glass as always full, and I choose to drink from it and nourish myself and my life from all the glorious, Divine elements available to me.

How about you?

Do you value your life based only on what you can touch and measure?

If so, you’re missing out on that which feeds your soul and fills your heart.

Is your glass full?

Keep your glass filled to the brim.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 2/12/17
Do you reflect light or darkness?

We consider the moon beautiful, romantic, and powerful.  We love to gaze at it. 

When we see the moon, it stirs an emotional response within us.

But, the moon doesn’t have its own light.  It’s reflecting light from the light source of our solar system…the sun. 

You are even greater than the moon. 

You have light within as well as the power to reflect light.

So, what are you shining out into the world?

Are you shining your inner light?  Are you reflecting the light from your source?

Or, are you reflecting and magnifying darkness?

Find and shine your light.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 2/10/17
What’s your emotional diet?  Are you feeding yourself a nourishing diet, or garbage?

It’s easier to see the effects of our food diet than it is our emotional diet.  When you eat junk, you gain weight, feel lethargic, have mood swings and other adverse effects. 

The same is true with our emotional diet.  If you feed yourself garbage emotions, that’s all you’ll have within you.

You see, emotions are not an empirical ‘truth’ providing an accurate barometer of what’s happening around us.

We can…and we do…direct our emotions.  It’s just that we do it unconsciously. 

Emotions can become ingrained habits.

But…just as you can change the diet you eat, you also have the power to change what you feed yourself emotionally as well.

Stop complaining. 
Stop engaging in conversations that disrespect and put other people down.  If you wouldn’t want someone talking about you that way, don’t talk about others like that. 
Stop criticizing yourself.  If you see somewhere you fell short, find how you can be better…and then be better!  Apologize where you need to, and then stop dwelling on that issue and step into a new you where you don’t repeat that behavior.
Stop consuming so much dark and negative media.
Start consuming positive, uplifting messages and media. 

What you consume absolutely makes a difference in how you feel and how you perform.

When you eat well, your body performs better.

When you take in positive emotions and energy, you’re happier, and your mind and spirit perform better.  When you fill yourself with positive, uplifting, enlightening emotions and messages, that is what you will create in your life and in the world.

You absolutely can upgrade your emotions. 

You have the power to be happier, and you can make it happen!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 2/5/17
There’s a big difference between a small, controlled fire and a raging inferno.

A small, controlled fire can be used to help you be your best by cooking food to nourish and fuel you.

But, a raging blaze destroys everything in its path.

Disliking BEHAVIORS that damage people and relationships can provide a catalyst for improvement, and an opportunity to increase compassion, kindness, and love.

But, when that dislike changes into anger and hatred for others, it becomes destructive.

When the fire of your anger or hate flares, it will consume you in its flame.

For a flame to burn, it must feed on and consume its host…which is you.

When that flame burns out, you’re left burned up and depleted.

Don’t give your life to fuel the flame of hate or anger.

Live with tranquility, compassion, kindness, love, and joy as your primary experiences of life.   

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 2/2/17
If you’re critical and judgmental of others, that’s a sure sign you’re critical and judgmental of yourself too.

You see…we can only pour out of us what we have within us!

So, if you’re not kind, compassionate, and loving with yourself as you travel through life on your journey of self-development, you won’t have that within to give others.

If all you do is blame, belittle, and criticize yourself for every shortcoming, failure and misstep you make, then all you’re filled with is that negativity.

All you’ve developed skill in is finding fault. 

But, you can practice and develop the skills of compassion, kindness and love.

Finding greater love for yourself is not only a service to you…it will provide more love for others as well.

Without giving up on your goals, dreams and vision…start finding ways to be more compassionate and kind with yourself. 

Bring a greater perspective to that which you want to belittle yourself for.

You do not have to be perfect to be worthy of love, kindness, and compassion!

You have kindness in your heart.  You have loving intentions.

Fan the flames of the love and kindness you have within, and watch them grow in your life!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 1/29/17
Ugly behavior in others gives us an opportunity to check our own behavior.  What is your version of that very same behavior you don’t like?  Where in your life have you been ugly?

We all have moments in our lives where we’ve been less than our best selves.

This approach gives us an opportunity to improve our own behavior AND to have compassion for others.

Awareness of our own short-comings or failures gives us a different approach when addressing the situation. 

Compassion allows us to speak WITH others rather than AT them.

Speaking WITH others is what paves the way for actual communication.  Speak AT others, and your words just bounce off them, with no positive effect.

Speaking up for yourself is good, but you don’t have to tear down others to do it.

Be a force of kindness and respect…see what unifies you even as you disagree.

It will prevent ‘ugliness build-up’!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 1/26/17
Have you ever completed a task from your to-do list and felt like a big weight had been lifted off your shoulders?

You may not have even realized it had been weighing you down. But there you are...with no change other than completing that task...and suddenly you feel light as air, like the sun is shining brighter, birds are singing. You feel more happy, light and free!

What else may be weighing you down that you don't even realize? We become so used to the stress, strain and drain of life that we no longer even consider that some of the burdens can be eliminated. The good news is, you can eliminate the burdens just and easily and unconsciously as they built up!

Invest a few minutes each day to clear yourself of the burdens and stresses that build up and weigh you down.

Get started today living a life free of burden. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 1/22/17
Is your life like a flat tire? Is it lacking fullness? Not functioning well?

For a tire to roll well and take you where you want to go, each of the spokes that maintain its shape must be strong and intact.

If any one of the 'spokes' of your life is broken or warped, the wheel of your life will not roll along well.

So maybe you just need to fix one of your "spokes"...one aspect of your life. Perhaps it's work, family, friends, health, spiritual, home, finances,... Take stock of the various aspects of your life, and start taking actions to strengthen each one.

Step by step, act by act, you will improve the functionality of your life!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 1/19/17
You know that experience when you hear a song play, and in that moment your mood is changed…you are uplifted and your heart joyful…

With all my heart, I send to you these lyrics from the great Anne Murray hit ‘A Love Song’ to pierce through your overwhelm, and touch your heart:
Love is what I bring to you
And I wanna sing to you
I wanna sing you a love song
I wanna rock you in my arms all night long
I wanna get to know you
I wanna show you the peaceful feeling of my home

May you recognize these words…they come from your truest, deepest self in the depths of your heart.

When you get back to feeling that love, you will find the rest of your life shifts for the better too.

Pierce through the overwhelm in life and scrape off negativity.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 1/15/17
You know that experience when you’re feeling sluggish, slow, maybe even have a headache and you step outside…the air is fresh, cool with maybe a light breeze…and you feel better within minutes? 

Just like the air, we too become stagnant when we stop moving. 

So bring a fresh breeze through your life.  Blow out the stagnation, and bring a fresh energy into your life.

Re-orient yourself to your heart’s desires and commitments. 

Lose the old burdens and invigorate your dreams.

Get focused again on your passions.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 1/8/17
You can’t be in the final moment of your journey, until you’re there. 

You can only be in THIS moment.

But the happiness, excitement, satisfaction and sense of ease that comes with a successful conclusion can be yours right now.

After all, you are in progress…on your way to your goal.

You are on the path.

Each step you take in the process is a success in itself.

While the destination may be your goal, celebrate and enjoy each step you make along the way.

The next step is the only step possible for you right now.

But, without that step, your ultimate success wouldn’t be possible!

Each step matters – it’s a piece of your success.

Each step gets you closer…brings you something new.

The more you enjoy the journey, the easier (and possibly faster) it will pass.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 1/6/17
Starting a fresh new year, would you like a fresh start for your life too?
Would you like to be the best version of yourself and life your best life?

Then do what your heart and gut guide you to do.

And don’t be afraid for people to disagree with you. 

No one else can tell you your path.

No one else may know, understand, or agree with your path.

But don’t sell out to be liked.

Your path is uniquely yours.

Other people may come and go in your life, but…

You have to live with yourself forever, and… 

You have to live with your results.

So, don’t sell out on yourself to please other people.

If you want to be your best self, trust and follow the direction in your heart and gut.

It will guide you to be your best self.

(And you will find the right people will come into your life!)

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 1/1/17
New Year’s gives us a chance for a fresh start.

Do you envision a new and different life for yourself?  Something different…better…more?

It’s exciting, uplifting, and completely possible! 

But happy thoughts alone won’t create the life you desire.

Creating this difference in your life requires new actions, approaches, and attitudes.

Life is made from the choices you make and actions you take moment by moment.

As Nelson Mandela said… “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”  

So, listen to your heart and ignore the fears in your head.

You can do it if you:
1 - Make your choices based on your vision of what and how your life can be. 
2 - Let your excitement, desire, and passion for your vision fuel you and keep you on track…taking actions that lead to that life. 

All too often we make a new resolve, then become afraid of failing and fall back into our rut of ‘life as usual’, doing the same old things we’ve been doing.

Doing the same things won’t give us new results.

Hold tight to your vision.  Keep it in your sights at all times.

You don’t have to know how to achieve it right now, you just need to take the next step toward it. 

Eventually, you’ll be living that life!

You’ll never know if you don’t try…

This year, let “your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.