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Posted 12/29/16
Seeds don’t sprout right away. 

Plants take time and the proper conditions to develop and grow.

So why do we expect our actions to produce full-blown results right away?

I know I’m guilty of this.  I swear, if you looked ‘impatient’ up in the dictionary you’d find my picture!

How many times have I abandoned a plan because I didn’t get the desired final result instantly?

If you plant a seed then throw the pot out when you don’t have a full-grown plant the next day, you’ll never have the plant!

It may take weeks to see the start of a plant, but if you keep taking the appropriate actions, the plant will show up.

Some seeds that fall in the garden may not sprout for years.  But, when the conditions are right…they do!

So, let the vision of the final goal fade into the background.

Focus on creating the right conditions for your vision to take root.

Take appropriate actions that you believe will move you toward accomplishing your desired result.

Then, see where you stand and take the next action. 

Don’t pass judgement on how close or far you are to your goal.

Just focus on what action you can take right now with the resources you have.


Step by step, you’ll get there!

It may not happen in one step, but it may not take as long as you fear.

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Posted 12/25/16
The best gifts I’ve ever gotten I gave myself…and they didn’t come from a store or the internet.

They are the gifts of inner happiness, peace, self-respect, and love.

These are gifts only you can give yourself.  No one can give them to you. 

They came from looking within and finding those thoughts, words, and actions that create a barrier to lasting happiness, peace, love, and self-respect, then eliminating those and replacing them with thoughts, words, and actions that will create and support those qualities. 

To have a life filled with happiness, peace, love, joy and self-respect, it must start from within yourself.

You can only share with others what you already have within.

So, what gift do you give yourself this holiday?

Give yourself a gift that will continue to give generously to you for the rest of your life, that will bring you more satisfaction and joy that any gift-wrapped package ever could.

Find and enhance these qualities for yourself.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 12/23/16
Don’t let concern about future results keep you from taking action.

If Thomas Edison let worry about ‘getting it right’ or ‘failure’ stop him from trying, he wouldn’t have invented the light bulb.

Edison’s job was to take action toward his goal…the best action he knew to take each time.

Then, he’d assess the results to determine his next action.

With each action and honest assessment, his knowledge and understanding grew.

With increased knowledge and understanding, new and different actions come to mind and become possible.

So, based on all you know and can do right now, take the best action you can in the direction of your desired result.

Then, have no negative feeling about your results.  Remember, you are not always 100% accountable for the result.  Most times multiple people and factors influence results.

Just honestly assess the result, your knowledge, understanding, and resources.  Then, take the next action available to you that may advance you toward your goal.

If you keep taking one step after another, eventually you can cover a lot of ground and achieve your goals!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 12/18/16
If you want to get somewhere, you have to start where you are. 

You have to admit where you actually are to be able to successfully navigate to your destination. 

Stop pretending you’re somewhere else, or you’ll never get where you want to.  

If you’re in Orlando, Florida and you want directions to drive to Denver, Colorado…saying you’re in Los Angeles, California will NOT get you the correct directions to arrive at your desired destination.

Reality is your ticket to your destination/dream.

So, be real…with yourself too. 

Accurately assess where you are and what resources you have to begin your journey. 

Ignore thoughts that pretending you’re in a different circumstance make you look better.  That may work temporarily, but it will keep you stuck.  You’ll never get to your success.

Being honest and real (with yourself too) will lead you to your dreams.

Start your journey to the life of your dreams.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 12/15/16
‘What if’ doesn’t exist.  It is only a possible circumstance somewhere out in the future. 

Trying to manage ‘what if’ is like trying to reshape air.  ‘What if’ has no substance, no reality.  Therefore, you can’t get a grip on it…you can’t change it or manage it. 

‘What if’ doesn’t actually exist.  Yet, we act as though it does.  We spend hours and hours of our lives devoted to worrying about it, obsessing over it, fearing it, trying to change or prevent it, trying to plan out a course of action to success in the event that ‘what if’ actually comes to be. 

Keeping the future in mind when planning your course and taking action certainly has merit. 

However, the amount of perspective and devotion you give to it makes a difference in your life day to day. 

You don’t drive your car based on the possible conditions of a road you may be on in the future. 

No.  The only thing that exists is ‘what is’. 

You drive your car based on the conditions that ACTUALLY exist on the road you are currently on RIGHT NOW.

You may give a thought to alternate routes and keep them as possible options in the event the road you’re traveling doesn’t work out.

But then you focus, steer, turn, stop and start based on what’s happening in your path right now. 

That is the only way to effectively, successfully, and powerfully navigate and interact in your life.

Reality…what actually ‘is’…is the only thing you can manage and take action on.

Give yourself the opportunity to succeed.  Invest your effort and energy clearly assessing, interacting with and managing ‘what is’.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 12/11/16
Do you have analysis paralysis? 

Does ‘what if’ plague you?

Are you unsure what the ‘right’ action to take is?

Those are your thoughts tormenting you.

Have faith, not fear.

If your actions are guided by your heart…a sense deep in your gut…then trust they are the correct actions to take at this time, in this moment. 

Your responsibility is to do your part…not to guarantee the result.

So, have faith…not fear.

Start by distinguishing if the guidance comes from your heart or your thoughts.

Take the actions your heart guides you to take.  Then, look to see what next action your heart leads you to take, and take it.

Trust your heart.  Action by action, step by step, you’ll be amazed how your life will unfold.

Reconnect with the guiding voice in your heart.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 12/8/16
If you feel disappointed, then you had expectations.

If you didn’t expect a particular result, you wouldn’t be disappointed with the results that occur.

Of course, you have to anticipate obtaining a particular outcome as a result of your actions, or you’d never know what actions to take to achieve your goals. 

While anticipating a particular result as a possible outcome is natural…assuming it to be the ‘one and only’ and guaranteed outcome is the pitfall leading to frustration and disappointment.

Not getting the result you expect or hope for is not a failure.  It’s just an unexpected result.  You can’t control all the factors that determine the result.

So, let go of your ‘demand’ to get a certain result.  Take your actions, assess your results, and based on that…determine your next step, and take that action.    Then repeat. 

That equals life…that equals success.

Free yourself from frustration.   

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 12/4/16
Is silence difficult for you?  Does your discomfort rise to the point that you need to blurt out talking again?

If so, what are your thoughts saying?  As Kahlil Gibran says, "you talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts".

Usually, your thoughts are saying something critical.  When the criticism from your inner voice is aimed at you, it becomes extremely uncomfortable.

So much of our energy and time is spent trying to run away from and avoid our thoughts about:
- guilt about our past behavior, 
- what we believe (and fear) people think of us,
- what we fear may occur in the near or immediate future,
- an impending action or encounter

Guided meditation can help you still that negative voice, strip away your fears and concerns, and restore you to a free mind and open heart.

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Posted 12/1/16
There’s an opportunity in everything. 

No matter what the circumstance, there’s an opportunity in everything. 

The most important opportunities are to get to know ourselves better, to connect with the greatest part of ourselves, to connect with others, to make choices that enhance and improve life for ourselves and others. 

Some people who’ve had a wide-reaching, positive impact on humanity have endured dramatic hardships.  Rather than bemoan their circumstances and, at times, horrific treatment…they dug deep within, asked greater questions, saw a new perspective and greater truths which they then shared selflessly and tirelessly with the world in order to share love and joy, and hopefully save others from pain. 

So, whether your circumstances are disappointing, difficult, seemingly impossible, or fabulous, there is always an opportunity…an opportunity for you to dig deeper, rise higher, share more love and joy, and lift the world around you to greater heights. 

There is untapped greatness, love, and joy within you.

First, you must be willing to change your focus from your circumstances to something greater.

Find your best self, and a greater vision.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 11/27/16
It's the holiday season and it should be a happy, joyous time, right???  So why aren't you brimming with joy and happiness?

Stress isn’t caused only by problems. Traffic, crowds, and noise can all cause us stress and tension. But even happy or neutral events can cause us to feel stressed. All the holiday parties and gatherings to go to, family events, things to do, travel...all these can cause stress.  Anticipation and worry cause stress. 

But stress isn’t ‘out there’.  Stress isn’t in the people or activities in our lives. 

Stress actually comes from within us…from our response to the people and activities in our lives. 

And that’s good news, because that means you have control over that. 

More good news:  Peace and tranquility also come from within.  You don’t need to wait for anyone to give you a peaceful life, a peace-filled heart.  No one can. 

Because it comes from within, you can have peace right now…any moment and every moment you wish. 

So, maximize the positive and minimize the negative. 

Start with peace.  Focus on the joyful elements of the season…on those activities and experiences you enjoy. 

Then find the middle ground, where the most important things are accomplished, while avoiding most of the issues and stressors. 

Don’t be afraid to alter your agenda, even if it changes how things ‘have always been done’.  Your agenda is yours.  This is your holiday season too, and your needs also count.  Does the gathering have to be all day, or is a few hours good…you know, before the meltdowns happen?  Do 9 dishes really need to be made for the meal, or are 5 enough?  Do you have to do it all yourself, or can others help?  Perhaps pop-in to see others.  Maybe small groups rather than large.  Maybe their house rather than yours (or vice versa…whatever is more peaceful and enjoyable).  Do you really need to stay under the same roof with stressful people?  How about a hotel?   Do you have to go into debt to avoid someone being upset about what they did and didn’t get for the holiday?  If you feel you do, either your thinking or your relationship needs re-evaluation. 

Give yourself and others the gifts of peace, joy, and respectful honesty…”I don’t have the money for…”, “I want to simplify to enjoy…”. 

Isn’t the real goal to ENJOY the season and time together…to feel and share LOVE?   

Focus on what you want, what you love…not on what you don’t like or want. 

Remove things you don’t like from your to-do list wherever possible.  With what’s left…find the enjoyable part of it and emphasize that. 

Find the balance in all the things there are to do, so you can have the greatest enjoyment and the least stress.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 11/24/16
Do the positive elements in your life get lost in the glare of the negative?

Events and issues in life can cause worry, but when you lose sight of the good things in your life, the issues then become 100% of your field of vision.

And there are positive elements in your life.  No matter what issues you may face, there are always good aspects in your life too…things to be happy about or grateful for.

When you keep the positive in your vision as well as the issues, you have a different perspective on the issues. 

The issues aren’t as all consuming.  They aren’t all there is in your life. 

With this different perspective, different actions and solutions to resolve the issue appear.

So give at least equal time, attention and energy to what’s good, great, happy and hopeful in your life as you do to the concerns and issues.

Then, you’ll have the strength, heart, and often partnership to more easily resolve and even erase the concerns and issues in your life.

Find your joy.  Focus on what’s good.  And you’ll live with more happiness and effectiveness.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 11/20/16
Do you think you have to wait until you feel happy before you can act joyful, social or kind?

Not true. If you wait until you're feeling happy, you'll spend very little time being joyful.

You're actually more likely to feel happy and joyful, to experience kindness and positive social interactions, by ACTING AS IF you already are positive, happy and joyful when you interact with others.

When you start acting happy, when you are kind and giving to people, it makes you happy too...even if you aren't feeling that way to start with.

So give yourself the give of happiness...be positive and kind to others.

You will receive the rewards.

Your actions determine your life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 11/17/16

Every day you brush your teeth and wash your body (I hope!).

Are you doing the same thing for your inner self?  You know…the part of you that determines and experiences your happiness and tranquility?

Are you washing off the grime that builds up in your psyche as well as on your body?

Grime and 'stuff' builds up on our bodies, hair and teeth in the normal course of the day, and we need to clean it off in order to keep our bodies and health at their best. The same is true for our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves as well.

In order to feel your best, happiest, most peaceful, take a few minutes each day to cleanse your soul of the grimy build-up of the day. It will change your life!

Guided meditation is a great tool to help you do that.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 11/13/16
There’s nothing to fear.
You’re as good as the best.
As strong as the mightiest too.
You can win every battle or test,
for there’s no one just like you.
There’s only one of you in the world today,
so nobody else, you see,
can do your work in as fine a way.
You’re the only you there’ll be.
So face the world, and life is yours
to conquer and love and live.
You’ll find the happiness that endures
in just the measure you give.
There’s nothing too good for you to possess,
nor heights where you can’t go.
Your power is more than belief or guess.
It’s something you have to know.
There is nothing to fear ~ you can and you will.
For you are the invincible you.
So set your foot on the highest hill…
there’s nothing you can’t do.

Author unknown

Think about it…it’s true.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 11/10/16
Eleanor Roosevelt said:
Great minds discuss ideas.
Average minds discuss events.
Small minds discuss people.

Darren Hardy of Success magazine said:
Unsuccessful people talk about people & problems.
Successful people talk about ideas & goals.

Your conversation sets your direction and your success in life.

So where are YOU on that spectrum? 

What do you focus on and concern yourself with?

Are you lifting up, or tearing down?

Are you creating or destroying?

You will be successful at whichever you undertake.

So choose. 

Do you want a small, petty, negative life?  Or do you want a great life filled with inspiration and possibility?

The choice is yours.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 11/9/16
Do you want a president who treats all Americans with courtesy and respect?

Are you?

Are you conducting yourself with the same courtesy, grace, and respect to others that you want from our leaders?  If not, why not?

Election night 2016 has provided the perfect opportunity for all of us to reflect on our own behavior.  It has shown us the country is divided almost evenly between the two primary presidential candidates.  This election was not a landslide nor a definitive majority.

Chances are then that someone you know, like, and maybe even love supported the candidate you opposed.

So think for a moment…think of someone you hold in high regard, someone you have a great relationship and rapport with…yet don’t know which candidate they supported.  If you somehow suddenly saw a printout of their ballot and realized that they supported the candidate you opposed, would you hate them?  With no nasty interchange between you – just new knowledge - would you cut them out of your life?  Would all that respect, love, and esteem you had for them suddenly dissolve?  Would you now paint them now as ignorant?  Stupid?  Heartless?  Hateful?  Blind?

Are you punishing people who disagree with you?  Do you do that in your office or family too when a vote doesn’t go your way?

If we expect our leaders to be able to converse with courtesy, respect, truth and dignity with those they disagree with, we should demand that of ourselves too.  Anything else is hypocritical.

So, we each have an opportunity to step up and be greater versions of ourselves than we were yesterday. 

A simple and easy place to start is to be aware of every word that comes out of your mouth and your written communications. 

Then, ask yourself “is the way I’m acting now the way I’d like to be treated by someone who disagrees with me?” 

Each of us being the best versions of ourselves is what will lead to unity, harmony, peace and love.

Let it start with me…and you.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 11/6/16
People live up to their expectations. 

That is what enables people rise above the circumstances of their life and create something new…something greater.  To rise out of poverty and create wealth and abundance.  To rise out of abuse and create a life filled with love, kindness, support, and tranquility. 

So what are your expectations for yourself and your life?  Is this it?  Is this all you can be and achieve?

You will surround yourself inside and out…in your thoughts, your words, your actions, and the people you associate with…to match what you expect of yourself.   What you think, watch, read, do and say – and especially who you spend your time with – will literally create your life.

So, what are you surrounding yourself with?  Who are you associating with?  What are you talking about?  What are you watching?  What are you reading?  What are you thinking?

The power to create your life is yours…you created the life you’re living. 

You have the power to rise up.  You have the power to be great.

Rise above fear, anger, and hatred.  Create something great.  You have the power.

Clear out the old voices of expectation and create a great new life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 11/3/16
Spread seeds of peace and happiness wherever you go.

You can do it overtly…smiling, greeting people, holding a door open, saying thank you and showing appreciation, talking with people and most importantly LISTENING to them!

You can do it covertly…with silent wishes that this place and these people may have peace, happiness, love, and joy fill their lives and their hearts. 

When you think of those you love, take a second to wish peace, love, and the very best for them.  Do this for those you don’t love too!

When you think love and peace, you awaken that within yourself, and you activate those energies in the world around you.

Don’t wait…you may not pass this place or these people again.

Make this a regular practice, and watch the peace, happiness, love, and joy in YOUR life increase!

AMP UP your results in life!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 10/30/16
Change begins within…with a thought that something else is possible, and a choice to be and become that. 

You don’t have to know in this moment how to achieve the final vision. 

All you have to do is take each step as it appears in front of you.  The one action or change that is available to you right now. 

Eventually, taking each action will lead you…step by step…to a wonderful new reality. 

The power is yours.  No one can make the changes or take the journey for you. 

Take responsibility for yourself, your health, your thoughts, your actions, your happiness and tranquility.

The more you focus on positive thoughts and positive actions, the more joyous your life will be. 

And bonus…there will be more joy in the world!

Achieve your heart’s desires.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 10/27/16
What gift do you give yourself today? 

There are so many possibilities in life for your thoughts, emotions, words, and your actions. 

Make no mistake…they don’t just “happen”…you choose them. 

They are spread out before you like dishes in an opulent buffet.  Which will you choose to fill yourself with?

Will it be the sweet taste of Happiness?   Honesty?  Kindness?  Hope?  Tranquility?

Or will it be the bitter dishes of Criticism?  Anger?  Judgement?  Fear?

Embrace your power to choose.  Don’t allow circumstances to determine your feelings, thoughts and actions.  Stop waiting for others to bring you joy.

Consider all the possibilities available to you on the buffet right now, and choose one…or more!  Perhaps you’ll nourish your ‘self’ with an empowering plate full of positive possibilities!

A selection of what’s available and being served for you today:
Honor                      Joy
Tranquility             Calm
Fun                          Bliss
Energy                    Laughter
Friendship             Adventure
Connection           Peace
Permission            Happiness
Patience                Ease
Dance                    Love
Confidence           Beauty
Hope                      Excitement
Relaxation            Generosity
Grace                    Balance
Play                       Time

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 10/23/16
When the winds of life blow, do you worry whether you’re strong enough to hang on?  Do you worry the winds will topple you and take you off your foundation? 

Consider this:  The winds of life actually strengthen your roots. 

When we first plant a young tree, we protect it in order to help it take root, grow, and thrive. We tie the tree to stakes to anchor it and combat the effects of the wind. However, after a year or two, the stakes need to be removed in order to best help the tree.

You see, it’s the very action of the tree swaying in the wind that help the tree’s roots develop and grow stronger and deeper, solidly anchoring the tree and allowing it to withstand the winds of life. 

The winds provide stimulus, and the movement creates room in the earth for the roots to grow.

The same can be true for you.

The only difference between us and the trees is that we fight the wind while the trees bend with the wind and spring back, USING the wind to STRENGTHEN themselves. 

So, focus on your roots, and stop focusing on the wind in your life.   

Be strong and free and dance in the breeze!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 10/20/16
In 2 days, I encountered 4 different statements/quotes all begging the question:  are you taking the steps necessary to have the results you want?  

Well, I can take 4 hints!  So, I checked my aspirations and my actions.

I had to honestly answer no, I hadn’t been taking all the steps available to me and necessary to have the results I want.

How about you?  What would your answer be? 

In a quote attributed to Jim Rohn:  ”success isn’t a sometime thing, it’s an all the time thing…24/7/365.”  And paraphrased from Darren Hardy:  ‘every choice and action you make impacts the result you’re aiming for, moving you closer to or farther away from your goal.  You either win or lose with each and every choice and action you make.  In every moment, you’re either acting in accordance with the person you’re committed to be, or you’re failing to.’ 

What is stopping you?  What is holding you back? 

The most powerful and supportive answers will come from your heart, your gut…not your mind or intellect.

Use guided meditation to step outside the constant and familiar loop running over and over in your head. 

Guided meditation can help you still that negative voice, strip away your fears and concerns, and restore you to a free heart and open mind.

Connect with your gut, your heart and have fresh insights, renewed vigor, and expanded freedom to pursue the life of your dreams.  It’s right there available for you.

I Unlimited - Helping you find your best self...and inner peace.

Posted 10/16/16
Science shows that the heart is able to work continually day after day, year after year because each part of it rests for a few seconds out of every minute.  Realizing this, studies were conducted with groups performing manual labor.  The people in the group that rested periodically actually had more energy and were able to perform more work than the group that worked steadily without a rest break.

Knowing this, you can see that it makes good sense to ensure you balance the stress and demands of your life with periods of calm and restoration. 

It’s not selfish.  Periods of restoration will allow you to be more effective and efficient in your life. 

You’ll experience more ease and joy, and be able to sail through the demands of your life when you take time to refresh, restore, and reconnect.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 10/13/16
Remember a time you made a positive difference for someone? A time someone gratefully acknowledged you? Do you recall how great that felt?

Let's get back to that feeling.

If you don't recall an instance, let me acknowledge you. You've been a source of light and strength for others. You have graciously and generously lightened the load for another person, and that made a positive difference in their life. Your attention and actions have been appreciated.

Too often, we focus solely on our perceived 'negative' aspects. That is not the sum total of who you are, and many may just be imaginary issues. You have many wonderful qualities, attributes, and abilities.

Scrape off the garbage covering up the great person you are!  Let the light inside you shine and bring joy to your life and others as well. 

I Unlimited...Helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 10/9/16
How do you measure success?  Is it about possessions or happiness?  Is it about what you have or who you are? 

As Albert Einstein said, “try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value”. 

Possessions, money, titles may all come and go, but the difference you make in the world lasts and lasts. 

Just like throwing a rock in a pond creates ripples that spread out widely through the pond, our conduct affects other people. 

Making a positive difference in another person’s life benefits not only them, but you and the many other people included in those rings of ripples around each of you also receive benefits in your lives. 

Strive to be of benefit in the world.  Those ripples will eventually carry unexpected benefit and treasures back to you.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 10/6/16
When things aren't going well, do you take action or wait for others to fix it?

Are you part of the solution, or do you just sit back and complain that others aren't fixing the problem?

If everyone did that, the problem would never get fixed.

If everyone sat around waiting for someone else to grow, hunt, reap and prepare food, no one would eat. Everyone would starve to death.  Someone has to take the action.

If we all take action, the load is lighter on each of us.

Your actions and lack of action determine your life...and the world we live in. 

Be productive.  Be part of the solution.  You will reap the rewards!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 10/2/16
Thoughts and words have no weight or substance, right? 

They are as thin and light as the air into which they are spoken or mused…aren’t they?

Then why is it that some thoughts and words sit so heavily on our hearts and our minds?

Why do some thoughts and words carry such burden they render us unable to move…to take action…to feel happy?

How are they able to keep us stuck in the same negative patterns and ruts?

Thoughts and words matter…They have the power to create.

They either create negativity, hate, anger…Or they create joy, love, and fabulous possibilities.

So choose the life you want, and choose your thoughts and words accordingly.  It really is possible!

Guided meditation is a great way to help you break the bonds of old negative patterns, and create the beautiful life you desire.

It’s time and you can do it! 

Remember… Your actions determine your life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 9/29/16
Falling down is only a problem if you don’t get back up.

It’s your attitude and relationship to falling down that will determine how it impacts your life.

Acrobats drop all the time, and use the momentum of the drop to propel themselves higher and farther!

If the acrobat bends and crumples his legs when he hits the trampoline, he absorbs the impact and stays down.  But, if the acrobat keeps his legs straight, he is able to use the downward momentum and the spring of the trampoline to propel him even higher!

The same can be true for the rest of us.

If you think you’re down and it’s over because you’ve fallen, then you will be down and over.

But, if you look for what you can learn from the drop, look for how you can use it to propel you to new action, then you will rise!

Don’t crumple into the fall…use the fall to break up and shed the burdens of your mental, emotional, professional, and imaginary baggage that drags you down. 

Then, push off from the fall, using it as a springboard and let that momentum carry you to new heights.

You can do it!  Remember… Your actions determine your life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 9/25/16
Do you improve a situation by entering it…or by leaving it?  Do positive vibes, productivity and cooperation improve, do people become happier and less stressed with your presence?  Or, do tension, frustration or anger build when you come along? 

Which person do you want to be?

Being a positive force is easier than you think, and the results are so much more rewarding!

Guided meditation is a GREAT tool to help you with that.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 9/22/16
Does your life feel dull, flat, heavy or difficult?  What’s missing is love and gratitude. 

A sense of energy, lightness, or joy requires appreciation and engagement. 

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “where there is love, there is life”. 

But with so many demands, strains, and drains in life, how do you get past them to find love and joy?  Do you think you have to resolve and eliminate all your stress and issues before you can experience peace? 

Not true.  You can experience peace, love and joy in the midst of your overwhelming life.

When you take a few minutes to relax and breathe, to collect and center yourself, you’re more effective in your daily life.  You’ll find your life is lighter and brighter. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 9/19/16
When you're poised for battle, you can't experience love, joy, or kindness.

That's because physical changes actually occur in your body and mind.  Certain senses close down and others go on alert. Your body prepares to fight.  You're flooded with receptors whose only job is to look for signs of danger.  You micro-analyze even the smallest action of others trying to anticipate if it's leading to attack. That's all you're interested in seeing...acts of aggression.

Well, you always find what you're looking for.

So, rather than preparing for battle....prepare for dance!  In battle, you plant yourself in place and fight any and all comers that cross your boundary.  In dance, you move about...forward, back and side to side.

Life is ever changing.  Move and flow with it.  Focus on the dance and flow of your life, and you'll find more partnership, support and grace.

When you flow with the rhythm of your life, rather than digging in on principle, you'll experience less conflict and more love, joy, and kindness.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 9/15/16
Are you like a piece of driftwood just bobbing in the water...tossed around at the mercy of the current?

If you don't provide power to your dreams and goals, you’ll never get there.

Wishing, thinking, and hoping aren’t enough.

In order to get to where you want to be, you must be willing to plan a course and take action.

So harness the power and energy of your dreams and goals. Let the excitement fuel you to plan a path, and work your plan.

Your life will only be as good as you make it.

So set your sails and see where you can go, or take what you get just drifting through life.

Your actions determine your life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 9/11/16
Whether you realize it or not, you're ALWAYS creating something.

The question is...WHAT are you creating?

Consciously or unconsciously, intended or unintended, you're always creating a current of energy.

Are you creating, happiness, cooperation, unity? Or, are you creating anger, discontent, and opposition?

Something as simple as a smile creates goodwill, unity, and lightens a heart's load.

A scowl adds more weight to someone's burden.

Try smiling more and see the difference it makes...it will lighten your world and the world for those around you.

I Unlimited...Helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 9/8/16
We’re all shy.  We’re all bold.  We’re all heroes.  It just depends on the day. (Brad Meltzer)

Every one of us has all those qualities and potential within us.  Experience and habit dictate which characteristic will rise in any given occasion.  

But you have a choice in the matter. 

You have a choice in every moment, in every situation, who you want to be…what your strength and character will be…what outcome you want to create….what energy you’ll add to the situation.

You just have to consciously choose. 

You have all the strength, all the capability, all the potential within you…as well as all the power to choose.

Find your way back to that core within you to create a life you love.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 9/4/16
Don’t say something mean…say what you mean. 

Adopting this philosophy can change your life…as it did for actor Jerry O’Connell who took this advice to heart when he heard it years ago. 

It makes a big difference in communication and relationships.

Tranquility in life and peace of mind are directly tied to our relationships. 

When we say something mean, rather than saying WHAT WE MEAN, we don’t move any closer to resolving issues with that person. 

No one likes having a sniper shoot at them from the bushes. 

You’re already angry or irritated with the person, and saying something mean just creates more animosity…which will erode your relationship further, and likely cause additional issues. 

Only by saying what you mean about your own feelings and needs can you hope to resolve the issue and create a more functional relationship with others. 

It may feel uncomfortable, but it will be minutes of discomfort rather than years without speaking up in a productive manner. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 9/1/16
It’s sooooo much harder to change the direction your tires are pointing when your car is standing still.  Have you ever tried to do that?  You have to pull much harder on the steering wheel when the car is standing still to accomplish what would be almost effortless when the car is in motion.

The same is true for life...it's hard to make anything happen in your life when you're standing still.  In order to adjust and correct your direction and steer toward success, you have to actually be moving!

Thinking and planning are great, but they're meaningless if they aren't immediately followed up with action.

So start moving...take action...any reasonable action you can think of, and let your heart guide you.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 8/28/16
Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect.  It means you choose to look at more than just the imperfections in life. 

That’s the beauty of happiness and perspective….they are YOUR CHOICE.  They are within your power to influence…truly. 

What you focus on is your choice.  How you interpret and internalize the circumstances and events occurring around you is your choice.  How you respond to circumstances and events is YOUR CHOICE. 

But, we become so entrenched in habits, it’s easy to forget how much of our world and how much of our feelings is our own creation.  

You have more power than you know.  You create your reality.  Do you like what you’re creating?

Responding to circumstances and events from a sense of frustration, bitterness, anger, helplessness will just create more of the same. 

Restore yourself to a place of tranquility and love and create your actions, perceptions, and life from there.   

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 8/25/16
You can only think about so much at one time. 

So, while you’re busy stewing and churning over some past issue that upset you, you’re missing new opportunities that pass by and all the positive things in your life.  And there ARE positive things!

Anger and revenge keep you connected to the pain, and disconnected from peace, love, joy and happiness. 

It actually takes more energy to hold on to grudges and anger than it does to let them go.   This doesn’t mean approving of bad behavior.   But remember…

What you focus on, you feed your energy to.  What you feed your energy to increases.  So, you’re likely to draw more anger, frustration, and irritation into your life.

You’re too smart for that….stop standing in the way of your happiness. 

Guided meditation can help you resolve issues and restore yourself to peace and happiness.  Then you can attract more and more positive events and circumstances to you.

So get out of your own way, and give yourself a ‘happiness advantage’. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 8/21/16
As Henry David Thoreau said, “it’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”.  What do you see when you look at yourself?  What do you see when you look at the world around you? 

Do you only see the flaws and imperfections?   Do even slight imperfections diminish greatness or ruin beauty for you?

Greatness does not mean perfection, and beauty isn’t limited to just physical perfection. 

Joy is beautiful.  Kindness is beautiful.  Inner strength is beautiful.  Confidence is beautiful.   It’s the qualities of our inner character that make us great and beautiful…or not.  People are beautiful even though they have some “imperfections”.    

If you don’t see beauty or greatness when you look at yourself or the world around you, the issue isn’t out there.  The issue is inside you. 

Try guided meditations to increase your joy and inner confidence, and you will see greatness and beauty show up around you.  There is no cosmetic treatment for beauty like peace and happiness!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 8/18/16
Want to lose some weight?

Lose the weight of your emotional burdens.

When we're weighted down, we get stuck in place, staying in the same spot. Under the weight of our burdens, it's hard to get in action...hard to take that first step.

What's burdening you? What's weighing heavy on you and holding you down?

We become so used to the weight of burdens, that we don't even notice it anymore. It seems normal to us...just part of life.

Guided meditation is a great tool to help you free yourself of the burdens that weigh you down and keep you stuck.

Get started today living a life free of burden. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 8/14/16
With the recent tragic, violent events as well as election season upon us, there’s a lot of criticism and ugly talk flying around about individuals and groups of people.

There’s almost certainly someone you disagree with, someone you believe is wrong in their actions and opinions.

Well, answer this for yourself:  are YOU being your best self?  Right here, right now in your life…in the recent past…have you been your best?  Have you always acted in a manner that respects all people?

If not, why not?  Do only ‘other people’ have to meet a high standard?  Only people in the public eye?  Are you exempt from acting well and respecting others?  Do you think you get a pass?   Why?

When you say only ‘others’ need to meet a high standard, you’re saying your conduct doesn’t count…you have no power, impact, or influence in the world.  Not true. 

You can’t require a standard of conduct from others you yourself aren’t meeting.  A successful, respectful, functional world requires the participation of every one of us. 

So step up.  Be the best version of yourself.  You can do it.  It’s not too late.  Life is incredible when you do!

Your actions determine your life and the world we live in. Create a beautiful one!

I Unlimited...Helping You Find Your Best Self, and Inner Peace.

Posted 8/11/16

Do you have 'Happily Ever After Syndrome'?...thinking once you have the life you’ve dreamed of, everything will remain 'perfect' and you’ll be blissful every moment for the rest of your life?  That's a sure set-up for frustration and resentment.

The fairy tale books from childhood made it sound possible, but life isn't static.  It's dynamic.  It lives and breathes...ebbs and flows.  It changes.

So, while daily life won't freeze for-ever-more in that 'perfect' picture, the good news is:
- we participate in the changes, and
- WE determine our reactions and mindsets about what is happening in our lives

Use guided meditation to help you gain the power to create a life of consistent joy through the changes and transformations.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 8/7/16
“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.  The fears are paper tigers.  You can do anything you decide to do”.  So said Amelia Earhart, a pioneer in aviation who dared and accomplished things most people at that time considered impossible. 

Whether you can or can’t accomplish what you imagine remains to be seen, but one thing is certain:  you will absolutely not accomplish your dreams if you don’t start taking action toward them! 

So often we are inspired and excited by our dreams and goals.  We feel motivated and eager to get to work on them – ready to hit the ground at a dead run heading for our dreams!

Then comes the moment to take the first step toward that goal….and that moment of inspiration is just a vague memory!  The thoughts about taking action come in, and the motivation and inspiration disappears. 

Don’t overthink.  When something inspires you, accept that.  Embrace that and keep going.  Don’t think again about whether you should or shouldn’t. 

Instead of thinking ‘should I’ or ‘shouldn’t I’…’yes’ or no’, think how and what.  How can I accomplish that?

What step am I able to take right now that will move me closer to my goal?  Then take it!

Stop just thinking…and overthinking…and act!  That is the ONLY way you will accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 8/4/16
Don’t just GO through life…GROW through life!

Can you imagine if a baby just lay there, day after day, month after month, year after year, doing nothing but ticking off the minutes of the day?  It would never learn to walk, never learn to feed itself, never run, never play.

You grew, you learned, and you accomplished all those things.  But…did you stop there?

When we stop learning, growing, developing, and accomplishing…we stagnate.  And you know what happens when something stagnates?  It goes bad.

Pooled water stagnates, turning rancid and poisonous.   If elastic isn’t used, it loses its stretchable properties, becomes brittle and breaks.  Muscles not used atrophy and lose strength.

The same is true of the human mind and psyche as well.  They need to be used and stretched in order to stay strong, perform well..to support and serve us in life.

There is always more for us to learn in this life…more to learn about ourselves, more to learn about other people, more to learn about this world.

Don’t stagnate.  Use all of who you are.  Develop yourself more.

And don’t just GO through life…GROW through life!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 7/31/16
Do you ever stop to ask yourself "what if everyone did that"?

We feel justified in our actions, or else we wouldn't take them. But, how often do you stop and ask yourself how you'd like it if you were on the receiving end of your actions?

Perhaps you were treated that way by someone before. If it had a positive impact on you...kudos to you for providing that to someone else now! If it didn't feel good to you...why would you then do it to someone else?

Positive, productive, cooperative behavior is EVERYONE's responsibility. Don't wait for someone else to act that way first...what if everyone did that?

Your actions determine your life and the world we live in. Create a beautiful one!

I Unlimited...Helping You Find Your Best Self, and Inner Peace.

Posted 7/28/16
Are you a verb or a noun?

Are you in action...or waiting on the sidelines?  If you’re not taking some action daily toward your dreams and goals, you are a noun…a thought of success and accomplishment.

Of course, you plan to hop into action just as soon as...what...?
- you've perfected the plan in your mind?
- conditions are just right?
- you've learned more?
- someone else takes action first?
- those 'idiots' change their ways?
- you are begged to participate and have the red carpet rolled out?

Regardless of the circumstances, you can be in action to fulfill on your visions and dreams.

Guided meditation is a great tool to help you eliminate what is stopping you, free you up to take action with ease and joy, and identify actions that will further you on your journey.

I Unlimited - Helping you find your best self...and inner peace.

Posted 7/24/16
Why would you be prejudiced against someone based on their skin color?

None of us chooses our skin color, nor the country in which we're born, nor so many other facets of our lives.

But each of us DOES choose how we act.

How you conduct yourself in the world, your thoughtfulness of others and how your behavior impacts others, is so much more important.

Even if you’re repeating behavior you saw growing up, by opting to repeat it rather than taking on a new behavior, you're choosing it and must own it.

Skin color is less than 1 millimeter thick.

But, our character...who we choose to be...goes all the way through to our bones.

So, conduct yourself the way you would like everyone to act.

If everyone did that, there would only be respect, courtesy and cooperation in the world, right????

Be the example, start the trend.

Your actions determine your life...and the world we live in.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 7/21/16
Turn your regrets into a motor to power your ship to a new destination.

Mistakes, bad behavior, and missed opportunities from your past can’t be erased, but you CAN turn your regrets into a motor to power your ship to a new destination.  

If you regret your actions (or lack of action) from the past, use that new awareness and understanding to mold your conduct now. 

Regret tells you who you DON’T want to be.  Use that information to get clearer on who you DO want to be and how you want to act.  

It’s not too late.  You can still become the great person you know is within you. 

Use your past, as well as your dreams and visions, to motivate and propel you to live your greatest life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 7/18/16
If you light a fire for others, you will brighten your own way.  (Nichiren Daishonin) 

It’s impossible not to…light spreads out and touches everyone in its path. 

When you do something to bring joy to others, your own heart fills with joy.

So when you don’t know what to do to move your life along or to feel happier, do something to help someone else.  It can be as simple and easy as smiling at a stranger, or engaging in a few minutes of conversation about how someone is or the things going on in their life. 

The key is to do it sincerely…to give of yourself to another. 

You know how wonderful a good stretch feels!  So, extend yourself.  Reach outside your comfort zone…just enough to feel the stretch, and see the results that come to you. 

Your actions (and inactions) determine your journey.  You never know where your generous actions may take you!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 7/14/16

Do you feel inadequate if someone doesn't like you...if they don't agree with or approve of you? When that happens, do you then stress and stew about their lack of acceptance, and focus your sights solely on gaining their approval?

If you worry about others' opinions of you, and NEED their approval in order to feel valid or worthwhile, you will be doomed to a life of turmoil. But, when you follow the direction in your heart, you can be confident you are on the right path, doing the right thing. Doing as your heart guides you, you will have peace in your mind and heart, regardless of whether others understand and agree with you or not.

As Dr. Steve Maraboli said, "when I accept myself, I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me".

Let guided meditation help you clarify your life's path, and gain peace. 

I Unlimited...Helping You Find Your Best Self and Inner Peace.

Posted 7/10/16
Are you a source of light, or a source of darkness?  Do you lift people up, or do you fall into their negativity and complaints?  Are you even aware of this dynamic and where you are on the spectrum?  Can you even see the light?

If you want to improve your life, raise your consciousness. That does not mean 'focus on your problems'. Raise your awareness of your entire life and existence, rather than just your circumstances. In the light, you can see different options and possibilities.

As Carl Jung said: "Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light, but making the darkness conscious". Darkness dissolves in the light.

You can shine the light in your life easily and effortlessly through guided meditation!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 7/7/16
When speaking in admiration of Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton was quoted as saying "the power of example matters a lot more than the example of power". That is a very powerful statement. 

The power of example matters a lot more than the example of power.

Our actions say more about us, and teach others far more, than our words do. So…do you lead by example, or do you put examples of your power on display?

Are you walking shoulder to shoulder with those around you, leading by example, in action along with them to accomplish the goals? Or, are you separate from others, sitting in the 'boss chair' handing down orders for others to accomplish?

Do you stir people into action with hate and anger?  Or are you respectful of others are show them a vision they want to take action to create?

In the long term, you will gain more cooperation and accomplish more through the power of your positive example than you will showing examples of your power.  Respect creates something that will last.

I Unlimited - Helping you find your best self...and inner peace.

Posted 7/3/16
Are you brave enough to love you?

It's been said "you're going to have to date a few cowards before you meet someone brave enough to love you" (R.H. Sin).

It's easy to see how it may take courage to love another person, but have you ever considered what it takes to love yourself?

For most of us, we have a critical relationship with ourselves. We see only our faults and dismiss any praise since we know all the times we fell short of perfection. Some people have the opposite issue and believe themselves to be perfect. This is usually a false front of self-esteem hiding the ugly truth about that person's real self-image, or the mindset of an arrogant person whose only concern or interest is themself.

Given our self-image, it's true...it takes courage to love ourself.  Yet we want someone else to love us when we ourselves don't.

If you don't love yourself, it's because of two things:
1 - you don't see yourself as you truly are, and/or
2 - you conduct yourself in a way you aren't proud of...thoughtless, disrespectful, cruel, lazy.

Luckily, both are easily remedied!  Guided meditation is a gentle, easy, and graceful process that can help you love yourself.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 6/30/16
Neurologists state that every time you resist acting on your anger, you’re actually rewiring your brain to be calmer and more loving, according to womenworking.com.   This means YOU HAVE THE POWER to change not only your response, but your experience as well… and you can do it in just minutes a day!!

Can you imagine having a life in which you remain calm, serene, and tuned-in regardless of the circumstances?

Anger causes you to narrow your vision and shut down parts of your brain, emotions, etc.  That’s good if you are in physical danger, but if not, an anger response cuts you off from possible resolutions for the situation. 

Taking a moment to breathe, relax your muscles, and let your initial response to anger dissipate allows you to see options to address and resolve issues that you wouldn’t see otherwise.  It also allows you to treat others the way you would want to be treated if they were upset with you!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 6/26/16

Are you always looking for more in life? Are you always focused on what's missing in your life? The lacks and gaps?

Look within rather than looking outside yourself to find what's missing in your life.

You will find the greatest world is within you already!

It doesn't matter what the outer circumstances of your life are, if you rely solely on them for your peace, joy, love or happiness, you still won't find lasting happiness. It will always be a fleeting experience that comes and goes.

True happiness comes from connecting with the power and perspective that are already within you. From that foundation, you will create a life in which your peace, joy, love and happiness are solidly grounded and will last regardless of changes in circumstances around you.

Let guided meditation help you build that solid foundation in your life. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 6/23/16
Are you focused on your dreams or drama?

I hate to tell you this, but....this is real life...there’s no award at the end of your dramatic performance, pity party, or hissy fit!

So, why not focus your time and energy on something that may reward you...with satisfaction, joy, love, inner peace, connection, and accomplishment.

The choice is yours...do you want to continue to waste your time and energy, spinning your wheels going over the same drama over and over? Or, would you rather invest your time and energy creating a result of benefit?

I Unlimited - Helping you find your best self...and inner peace.

Posted 6/19/16
If you are waiting on the sidelines until you find the one 'big action' to take that will catapult you directly into success, fortune and maybe fame...then life is passing you by!

Life (and success) is in the small actions, not just in the 'big score'.

When you sit and wait, or if you skip ahead, you bypass the steps that help you learn and grow. Those steps pave your path and give your life a solid foundation.

Even more importantly, you completely miss the sweet, quiet, small, touching, humorous, poignant moments along the way. Those moments that happen when...
...you're trying to stretch and re-invent yourself, 
...you try and fail,
...you laugh at yourself, 
...you persevere even though you want to quit,
...you finally accomplish or master a task that has been difficult,
...you take a moment to relax and breathe with family and friends.

Get in action! And take each step deliberately...consciously...and savor it. That step is a tile in the mosaic of your life. Without it, the masterpiece of your life will be incomplete!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 6/16/16
Enlightenment is not merely slapping a smile on your face and pretending you're at peace.

Enlightenment is bringing consciousness to the dark, as Carl Jung said. This requires you to shift your focus - at least for a while - away from your concerns and issues, and place it on the core of light, knowledge, and peace already residing within you.

You already have so much knowledge, so much love, so much understanding and peace within you. It's already there...you just need to tap into it.

Once you do, you will see the issues that were concerning you differently. Most importantly, you will see different solutions and actions to take than you saw when you were stressed and upset.

When you take a minute to re-connect to that core within you, you become a different version of yourself...more pure, without all the stress and anger. You not only change yourself, you change the world around you too!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 6/12/16
It seems we're constantly bombarded with someone's opinion. And not only do some people insist their opinion is the right one, we're also told we're morons (or worse) if we don't agree with them. No one can be defined solely by one issue, for no person has only one facet to them. Such an approach closes you off.

Are things in life really that black or white? Do things really have to be either/or?

Can't someone be passionate AND respectful?
Can't we be committed to something AND also kind and open to others?
Can't someone be a loving, caring person even though they're not an activist for a particular issue?
Can't someone be transgender AND 'normal' in their relationships and interactions with others?

Let's check ourselves to ensure we're treating others with the same courtesy and respect we'd like for ourselves.

Power comes from a place of love and grace. Live from there.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 6/9/16
Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are a normal part of development. How else do you learn?

Even champion athletes make errors. Scientists and inventors have failures.

No one can be perfect. The only way to avoid making a mistake, is to do nothing. But...that's a mistake too!

Part of human nature is a need to accomplish. When we do nothing, we're off track…which causes us to feel bad about ourselves…which leads to destructive behavior…which puts our lives on a fast track downhill.

So get in action. Don't wait to be perfect. Do the best you can and be willing to make mistakes in your effort to move forward.

Learn from your mistakes and GROW ON!

Clarify your path, and gain peace.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 6/5/16
Today is so much more than just a stop on the way to tomorrow. Today is your only chance to live, because tomorrow never comes.

Do you get that? How often do you say you'll get around to something 'tomorrow', only to say that again the next day, and the next, and the one after that? You see...tomorrow never arrives! It's always the day AFTER this one.

When the topic at issue is regarding something that will improve your live or advance you toward your goals, why are you putting that off? Are you filling your time with less important things? Are you addressing everyone else's wants and needs and your own don't make it on the list? Or, do you feel inadequate to successfully complete the actions, and therefore avoid them?

Let guided meditation help free you to re-prioritize and take actions that will improve your life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 6/2/16

Do you have dreams, visions, goals that excite you?  Things you would love to have in your life or would love to be? Would you get started on them if only...what?

Is something weighing you down and holding you back?  A bird can't fly if the load it's carrying in its claws is so heavy it pulls the bird down.  Choosing to cling to that load or let it go becomes a matter of life and death for the bird.  What do you need to change in your life in order to have the life of your dreams?

If you want to raise your life up, you have to let go of what is weighing you down.

Free yourself of the heavy burdens that aren't yours to carry and those that won't help you reach your dreams.

Let guided meditation help you clarify for yourself those issues that truly merit your time, energy and attention, and those you can let go off and clear out of your life so you may soar!

I Unlimited...Helping You Find Your Best Self and Inner Peace.

Posted 5/29/16
If you want to ride the sled down the snowy slope, you have to pull the sled up the hill first. 

If you want a life of steady and continued success, you have to put in the work to create the foundation for it. 

Does the thought of working to build your foundation for success overwhelm you?  Does it stop you from going for it?  Does it stop you from even starting? 

Once the reputation of you or your business is well established, success may flow with less work required.  We all see successful people and envy the riches and opportunities that seem to just flow their way.  What we don’t see is the work they put into it.  They may have pitched their product or idea 1,000 times before they had a buyer.  Step by step, inch by inch, successful people put in the time and effort needed to fulfill on their vision.

Putting in the work does not have to mean pain, struggle or solitude.  Like kids sledding on a hillside, you can have fun while climbing up.  You can create and enjoy the camaraderie of others along the way. 

Let guided meditation help you travel each step of your journey with ease and joy!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 5/26/16
You can be sad without being broken. 

Just as a tree can bend without breaking, you too can bear the strain and weight of a burden without breaking. 

During times of stress, strain, and pain, it is especially important for you to take care of your core needs. 

Breathe, relax, simplify, clarify. 

With the proper tools, understanding, and stance, you can make it through whole and even empowered!

Guided meditation is a great tool to help you with that.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 5/22/16

Sometimes in life, you have to let someone or something go in order for one or the other of you to move forward and thrive. Perhaps it's a relationship that drains you, eating away at your life force and self-esteem. Or perhaps it's a loved one dying. Maybe it's a job, habit, or addiction you need to let go of and move past to have a more joyous, harmonious or productive life.

You do not have to create drama or dissention to justify separating, and letting go. It's okay to let go. It's okay to live a full, rich, joyous life. It's okay to leave other people's issues and drama with them...you can't fix someone else's life.

When it’s time to let go, let go with love. When you can separate from another person, (or situation, or circumstance) wishing them well and wanting the best for everyone involved, then you are truly free to rise up…to soar…to create a life filled with love.  

And when you do that, you not only leave others free to create a great life as well, you also leave them with an example of strength and grace!

I Unlimited...Helping You Find Your Best Self and Inner Peace.

Posted 5/19/16
As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘take care of the pennies, and the dollars take care of themselves’.  Meaning, if you save your pennies, you will build up dollars.

The same is true for fulfilling your other goals and dreams.  Don’t worry about how to accomplish that big goal and fulfill on your big dreams.  You can’t jump from where you stand now to the final vision.  You have to accomplish the steps along the way.

So, take each small step you can.  Keep taking the small actions, one after the other.  Step by step, you will move closer to your goal, and one day you will be there!

Guided meditation can help you clear your concerns and limiting thoughts out of the way and free you to take the steps to achieve your dreams! 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 5/15/16
“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”. – Lao Tzu

You know who you are, right?  And you know what you can do?  There is power in that. 

But at the same time, what you ‘know’ about yourself can be very limiting.  Once you believe you can’t do something, you close doors for yourself. 

I stopped playing piano in junior high when I saw a classmate play a piano piece perfectly the first time he laid eyes on it.  I couldn’t do that, so I thought I stunk at playing piano.   Years later, I found out he was a musical genius…almost no one could play as well as he!  But because I didn’t meet his level, I stopped trying and participating all together.  I “knew” I wasn’t good at piano…

Where have you limited yourself and stop trying?  What have you decided about yourself and closed the door on any possibility of?  Do you think you’re not loveable?  Maybe you think you’re not smart enough to run a business or manage a department.  Perhaps you did poorly in a class back in junior high school, so you decided you’re stupid, or not good at that subject. 

In the moment you made that decision about yourself, you closed the door to exploring any avenue in that area.  What else might be possible in your life if you revisit that restriction?  Remember:  “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”.

Let guided meditation help restore you to a clean slate and fresh approach.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 5/12/16
Making a difference in the world does not require big, grand gestures.  Nor is it the sole domain of politicians, royalty, billionaires, or famous celebrities. 

YOU make a difference in the world every day.  Every time you smile or frown at someone, it has an effect in their life.  Every time you are patient or you snap, you impact someone.  Every time you are rude or kind, selfish or gracious, you create a response in others.  Big sweeping changes may be great, but the little, day to day, minute to minute experiences make an enormous impact in the quality of our lives.  As Mahatma Gandi said, “in a gentle way, you can shake the world”.

To ensure you make a positive difference in the world consistently, be conscious of what you do and say.  Scrape off the burdensome negativity that has built up in your life over time, and free yourself to make a positive difference in the lives of all you touch.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 5/8/16
Perhaps what counts as strength changes with the circumstances of our lives.   There are times in our lives when the strength to persevere and push forward are needed.  But strength isn’t only displayed through fighting, pushing, or confrontational behavior.  In some circumstances strength is quiet.

A marine is trained for combat, physically powerful, and mentally tough.  They are ready and willing to take on the enemy, and fight to protect their territories and loved-ones to keep them safe. 

But when cancer has won and that tough, bombastic, larger-than-life marine accepts a terminal diagnosis with dignity and grace, that too shows strength.  Assessing the options clearly, calmly and quietly choosing the path for his final days, and communicating his wishes with his family all show courage. 

Do not be confused and think someone acting in a calm, quiet, gentle manner is not strong.  Depending on the battle and circumstances, that may be a show of tremendous strength and courage.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.   

*Written with love and gratitude for all who have served to protect, and special prayers for Vincent Walsh.

Posted 5/5/16
Do you keep having the same issue arise in your life over and over?   Well, are you clinging desperately and stubbornly to your way of doing things, to how you wish things would be, to your opinion of what is ‘right’? 

The outer experiences in our lives won’t change until we change what’s within.  So, wake up, clue in, take note, and learn the lesson.  There is something within you that keeps re-creating the same scenario in your life.  Once you allow yourself to let go and grow, what you attract and experience in your life will change.

You will find holding on to your opinions and the past is more painful than letting go and allowing yourself to grow.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 5/1/16
Do you view happiness as a destination, or as a way to travel?  Will you only be happy once you ….have a particular job, or mate, or possessions, or income?  When taking a trip, are you only happy once you arrive at your destination?  Or are you happy and excited with anticipation while traveling to your destination? 

Why postpone your happiness?  Even if this moment is not all you wish or envision, even if you think better times are ahead for you, you can still experience happiness, joy and contentment knowing you are on your way and taking the steps to get to your destination.  Each step gets you closer.

You don’t have to wait for perfection to be happy!  Enjoy your journey too.  Remember…when you are positive, upbeat and happy, you see different options available to you.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 4/28/16

You can’t change the past, but you CAN change how people see you and relate to you now.  You don’t have to be defined by your past, nor condemned to be stuck there. 

If you want others to see you in a new light, you have to create that light!     You do this by shifting where you look for your motivation and guidance.   Listen to the voice in your heart….in your gut.  When you change your thoughts and intentions, you change your actions and behaviors.  When you change your actions and behaviors, you change your relationships with others.

You have to create your life every day, so create it consciously!  Remember…if you want different results, take different action.  Let guided meditation help support you with that.  Guided meditation can help you be your very best self!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 4/24/16
We often hear people talk about ‘spring cleaning’ for our homes – removing the dust and cobwebs and tossing out the clutter - giving us a fresh start to coincide with the season of rebirth in Mother Nature. 

Why not do that for your inner self too?   Negativity leaves a residue that builds up over time if we don’t specifically take steps to clean it out.  You can’t walk through mud without getting some dirt on you, and the same is true with interactions as you walk through this world.

Use guided meditation to help cleanse, refresh, and restore you.  Scrape off the residue.  Let a fresh breeze blow through your heart and mind.  Allow yourself to relax and return to your commitments, dreams and passions with a renewed spirit and open heart. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 4/21/16

Do you glow from within, or do you just work on shining up your façade?   If you only focus on polishing your outward appearance, you will eventually be left frustrated and dissatisfied.  Your outward appearance is such a small part of who you are, and will not always look the way you want it to. 

But, if you polish your life from within, the results will have you shine…inside and out.

Work on being someone you truly like, respect, honor and love!  The joy that will bring you will give you a whole new relationship with yourself, your life, and the people in it. 

You don’t have to know how, or have all the answers.  Guided meditation can help you achieve that with ease. 

Start changing your life for the better right now.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 4/17/16

Do you wait to “know” before taking action?  Do you need to know with certainty exactly how, every single step along the way, to be successful and become the person you envision yourself to be before you take action? 

If you do, then you’ll never fulfill your vision.  You will run in idle forever, until you CHOOSE to take the next step that you DO know.

Don’t worry about knowing how to be perfect, because:
  #1 - There is no such thing as ‘perfection’, and…
  #2 - What looks like perfection from where you stand today, may not be perfection to you when you advance along your journey.

Your thoughts, opinions, and perspective about what you want to do, where you want to get, who you are and want to be may shift as you take each step along the path to get there.   New options and opportunities may appear that you couldn’t see from where you stood before. 

The only step you need to concern yourself with is the next one available for you to take.  You can’t take the ‘final’ step to accomplishing your vision, if there are 18 between where you are now and your goal. 

So don’t wait.  Just take the next step in front of you, then the next step after that, and you will get there!

Start creating your life right now.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 4/14/16

If you could become the person you envision, the best version of yourself, on your own...you would have! Don't try to do it all alone. Visit our website now at www.iunlimited.life and sign up for a live guided meditation session.

Guided meditation can help you:
1 - clarify your direction, and
2 - clear away the obstacles and baggage that stop you, distract you, and slow you down
3 - restore yourself to deep joy and ease

Get to your best self and best life possible!  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 4/10/16

Do you have people who cause issues, complaints or problems in your life?  Would your life be better if only those people in your life changed?  The funny thing about assigning blame or responsibility for the issues in your life is that when you point a finger in blame, you have 3 fingers pointing right back at you!

Hold on...don't get upset, because that is good news!  If YOU are responsible for the levels of stress, joy, effectiveness and productivity in your life, that means YOU have the power to make changes.

But, in order to get different results, you have to take different action.  Let guided meditation help you clarify what needs to change, and how to walk the path to your best life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 4/7/16

Stress has become such an integrated part of our lives, often woven right into the fabric of our daily life. We hear the word all the time, we hear daily how people all around us are 'stressed out', and we have scientific evidence proving that stress negatively impacts our health and well-being. Obviously, we would benefit tremendously from clearing the stress out of our lives on a regular basis.

So, how do we navigate the demands of this world without becoming stressed out? How can you experience, express, and balance all the facets of your life, of who you are, and maintain ease and serenity?

The answer is guided meditation. Guided meditation can help you scrape off the residue that stress leaves behind, and restore you to a fresh, empowered, and clean slate. Through guided meditation, you can begin to clearly see the path to your dreams open up before you.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 4/3/16

Things done repeatedly, even small things, become a habit and ingrained in us...in our behavior, thoughts, reactions, deeds, and approaches. This is great when these habits are beneficial to our lives, helping us be our best self and productive.

Unfortunately, hardness, cynicism, criticism, and anger can also become habits. When these attitudes take control of your behavior, they drive a wedge between you and other people. They drain you of your energy and joy.

We create habits, whether we're conscious of it or not. Whatever we think of or do repeatedly we create into a habit. Thankfully, you can change your habitual thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

So, what habits are you creating in your life? Tune in...become conscious of what you are thinking and doing. Then, you can make sure your thoughts and actions are consistent with what you want to have in your life, and will lead you there.

Dump your old baggage and have the life of your dreams!

I Unlimited....helping you find your best self and inner peace.

Posted 3/31/16

Sometimes, it takes more energy to hang on to something than it does to let it go. If something in your life isn't working, is causing you pain or grief, or is holding you back, the best course of action may be to let it go and leave it behind so you may be your best self.

Wouldn't you love to have a life in which you are tranquil, joyous, and in control? Sometimes it's as simple as letting go! You cannot live someone else's life. So why not live the best life you can?

Guided meditation can help you create that life with ease, enabling you to see your path to be your best self, living your best life.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 3/24/16

When you're faced with a challenge, how do you react? Do your knees tremble? Or, do you face it with a wink and think, "okay, how are we going to do this"?

Have you ever become a deer in headlights, paralyzed into inactivity at the thought of failing to overcome the challenge? Maybe you decide to change course, and pursue another direction rather than deal with the challenge.

Very few challenges we face are dire in their significance...with life or death hanging in the balance. Yet, we often give them that level of significance, and react as if they are.

Why not focus your attention and energy on identifying the next appropriate action you can take that is consistent with reaching your goal, rather than focusing on the challenge? What you feed your time, attention, and energy to will grow. So, it makes sense to focus on your goal, your vision, and what actions you can control. Feed those, and in time you will see your progress.

I Unlimited....helping you find your best self and inner peace

Posted 3/20/16

Experiments have shown that our thoughts, intentions, attitudes, and words actually impact and change the world around us.  Studies have been performed with rice and water crystals among other elements.  The elements were divided into separated groups with either positive thoughts and words expressed in their presence, negative thoughts and words expressed in their presence, or no influence expressed. 

Rice with positive intentions spoken in its vicinity had barely any change to it at the end of 30 days.  The rice with the negative intentions spoken in its vicinity was moldy and rotten.

Water with positive intentions expressed in its presence produced beautiful crystals, while the water with no intention or negative intentions expressed in its presence produced no crystals or twisted, distorted crystals.

The human body is made up of these same elements.  So, it can be deduced that negativity will have adverse impact on our body and health and a positive attitude and intention will have a helpful impact on our body and health. 

Which do you want for yourself?  You can change the world around you!

The good news is that the positive in already inside you.  All you need to do is remove the negative that has built up.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 3/17/16

Michael Jordan was perhaps the best basketball player of all time.  But, he was not perfect.  He too missed shots, and while his team was a winning team, they lost some games along the way.   But Michael Jordan was able to keep his eye on his vision and stay in the moment.  Once a shot was missed, he was able to let that moment go, and stay in the present moment available for new opportunities to score.  As good as he was though, he alone could not have played against 5 members of an opposing team and won.   So, he also helped build a great team around him, and together they were a powerful force on the court. 

So, how are you working your vision?  Are you on the court of your game?  Are you taking shots?  When you miss a shot, do you walk off the court, or do you let it go and move on for the next opportunity to score?  Do you put in your ‘practice’ time on the court developing your craft, your skills, your business?  Are you building and empowering a team around you to play with you on the court? Or, are you a lone wolf who wants all the ‘glory’ for yourself?

Don't wait any longer.  Create the life of your dreams!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 3/14/16

Be careful what you wish for....you just might get it! At some level, conscious or non-conscious, we are creating the circumstances of our lives. So, create a world of kindness and love.

How, you ask? 
1 - be clear what you are consciously creating,
2 - eliminate the old baggage of hurts, fears and failures in your non-conscious mind that keep you from creating and experiencing the life of your dreams.

Again you may ask...how? Let guided meditation help you accomplish that. While deeply relaxed, I can help you access the issues in your non-conscious mind, and make adjustments to resolve the issues and create a foundation that will generate the life you are dreaming of.

Don't wait any longer.  Dump that old baggage, and feel the benefits in your life right away!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 3/10/16

Are you familiar with the Native American story of a Grandfather explaining to his grandson that each of us has 2 wolves inside of us?  One wolf is good, kind, helpful, positive, and the other wolf is hateful, angry, mean, and negative.  Inside us, they are battling for dominance.  The wolf who wins will get to control our feelings, attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors.  The grandson asks “which wolf wins”?  The Grandfather answers “the one you feed”. 

So true.  What you give your time, attention, and energy to will grow.  Are you spending your time in angry or bitter thoughts?  Do you resent, envy or foster hatred for others? 

That is not how you were meant to be.  No baby is born filled with hate.  Babies are a blank slate and are taught to be angry, resentful, and bitter. 

You don’t have to carry the heavy burden of anger, resentment, or bitterness any more.  Guided meditation can help you restore yourself to a happier, peaceful experience. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 3/6/16

Happiness and kindness are contagious!  That’s right…University studies have proven this: 

When you smile at people, the odds are they will smile back. 
When you have a smile in your voice – when your speaking voice has a light, pleasant, happy quality to it – people will respond pleasantly to that and their speaking manner will start to change to imitate yours. 
When you are kind to people, they will respond favorably to that and over time start to conduct themselves with kindness too.  

Unfortunately, hate and anger are contagious too. 

So, who will you be in the epidemic?  A source of kindness and happiness raising the spirits of joy and hope in people?  Or a source of hatred and anger spreading darkness and pain in the world? 

The choice is truly yours.  Happiness and kindness cost you nothing except your negativity.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 3/3/16

You don’t have to be perfect to be great.  Many people who have reached the heights of their careers, or are considered great, have not been perfect.

Even the greatest tennis players hit shots out of bounds and miss returns. 
Great baseball players strike out.
Football players miss the catch or fumble the ball. 
Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all, time missed some shots.
They all have lost some games along the way.
Elected officials win the office with less than 100% of the vote.
Revered actors don’t win every award.
Great inventors like Thomas Edison experience MANY failures before accomplishing their vision. 

What makes them great is…they don’t stop. 

They keep working, practicing, developing, and pursuing their vision.  They follow the burning passion in their heart.  They believe in their vision, and keep that vision in their focus.  They do NOT define themselves by an individual failure or outside criticism.  They always see that goal as reality, see themselves as that successful person. 

Are you staying focused on your greater vision?  Do you use failures, errors and criticism along the way to train you toward you goal?  Or, does your grand vision dissolve and your focus become filled with doubt, embarrassment and self-loathing with any imperfect step or criticism?

You don’t have to be perfect to be great.  But you’ll never know all that you can be, all that you can do, until you try. 

Get in action now on fulfilling the possibilities of who you are. 

Guided meditation can restore you to the possibilities of you. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace. 

Posted 2/28/16

I just saw a quote that was attributed to Babe Ruth: "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." What a powerful statement, and applicable to so many areas and circumstances of our lives.

Let me repeat: "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

I know there have been many times in my life I have remained paralyzed in inactivity because I didn’t know how to proceed perfectly in new territory. My greatest joy was when I freed myself from the concern and worry about looking perfect in other people's eyes. What a gift! I am now free to pursue my goals, ideas, and dreams.

How often has fear of failing, fear of looking stupid, fear of looking incompetent, fear of not knowing the answers or knowing how to do something kept you from trying? How long has it kept you restricted in a smaller life than you dream of, than you know you could have?

Have you had enough of being afraid and held back? Are you ready to free yourself from those restrictions and fears and pursue your dreams?

We can help you. 

I Unlimited - Helping You Find Your Best Self and Inner Peace.

Posted 2/25/16

Are you building fortresses or bridges? How much energy do you spend building defenses against people and circumstances trying to ensure they don't abuse or harm you? Rather than spending your energy building fortresses of defense, invest your energy building the life you want, the heart you want, the experience you want!

Create what you want in the world. Rather than rail against what you don't want, be part of the force creating the solution. Make it the world you want.

I can help you do that with guided meditation. Guided meditation can help you dissolve the anger and fear that keeps you focused on the people and things you don't want, and leave you free to create the life and experience you desire.

Get started on that now. Let's work together to dissolve what holds you back. 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 2/21/16

When the same old thing you’ve been doing to get through life isn’t working for you, isn’t giving you the results you want, you need to make a change. Continuing to do the same old thing won't give you new results. Try guided meditation.

Meditation is a great tool to restore yourself to a clean slate and manage the circumstances in your life with greater clarity and ease. From that standpoint, you can achieve greater success, satisfaction, and effectiveness.

But trying to still your mind and keep it clear can be frustrating. Having me guide you through a meditation allows you to remain relaxed. You don't have to clear your mind...instead, your mind can focus on the images and sensations I steer you through.

Get restored to inner balance and relaxation.  

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 2/14/16

You deserve ease and tranquility, and it can be yours!
You don’t have to carry around old baggage that weighs you down.
Regrets?  Leave them behind!
Self-doubts?  Drop them!
Fears, worries, and ‘what-ifs’?  Toss ‘em out!
They’re all in the past.  Right now, you’re free to live a BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHT, VIBRANT life!
If you hadn’t had a previous experience, the situation you’re stressing about now wouldn’t seem bad, bleak, stressful, frightening, difficult, or heavy.  It would be new and unknown.  You would deal with it as it unfolded, not in constant dread of the ‘uh-oh, what if this happens…’ syndrome.  You only label a situation ‘bad’ and stress over it now because of a previous experience. 
So, stop holding on to the past and dragging it into your present and future.  Let it go.  Don’t let the past drag you down any more. 
Untangle yourself from a negative past so you can be free, effective, productive, even joyous in the present…in this moment! 

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 2/11/16

It's not the situation that creates stress, it's our reaction to the situation that creates our stress. And the cause is our thoughts. We are always on alert, waiting for an assault of some sort to our lives worrying if we are strong enough, fast enough, smart enough, brave enough to prevail and come through it successfully.

Through our guided meditations, you can develop and strengthen your inner core self and free yourself from this ongoing stress. As you strengthen the core of who you are, you develop an inner power. An inner foundation that allows you to glide more easily, effortlessly and successfully through the situations and circumstances that arise.

Get the benefits and tranquility in your life right away.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 2/7/16

Are you saying to yourself  ‘once X happens (or stops happening), THEN I’ll be okay…THEN I’ll be happy/relaxed…THEN I’ll take care of me’??? Why not have that now? Be nurtured and restored FIRST, then you can more easily and successfully tackle life!

Regardless of circumstances, you CAN be joyful, even tranquil, within. Let me help you with that. Guided meditation is a great tool to help you establish and maintain joy, and to experience deep tranquility.

It works! Get the benefits in your life right away.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 2/6/16

Wondering how to exist with power and grace in this world of so much high-speed, 'me-me-me', disconnect, cut-throat anger and violence? Circumstances and situations assail us every day. A regular practice is needed to keep you free of stress, tension, worry and anger. Just like washing your body, hair, dishes, and clothes, you need to cleanse your mind and spirit regularly to maintain joy and tranquility.

Meditation is a great tool to accomplish that, but can be difficult to do on your own.

 It works! Get the benefits in your life right away.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 1/28/16

Have you ever seen the sport of Curling? It's the winter equivalent of Shuffleboard on ice, where contestants push polished 'stones' down a lane of ice trying to have their stone closest to the target at the end.

One team member slides down the ice ahead of the stone clearing the way...smoothing and polishing the ice so the stone can glide easier and farther. That's the help I can give you through guided meditation...clear the debris out of the way and smooth the rough spots so you may glide farther and more easily through life. And all while you are deeply relaxed.

Try it...you owe it to yourself!  It works! 

Get cleared, and feel the benefits in your life right away.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 1/24/16

Have you ever tried meditation to manage your pain?  More and more studies are showing how effective meditation can be in managing both physical and emotional pain. Medicine certainly has its place in our care, but it often times only manages the symptoms, masks the pain, but doesn't resolve the underlying issue. And then there are the other effects the medicine can have on the body...have you ever listened to the side effects they list in the ads for medications?!?!? Some side effects don't seem worth it! After hearing the list, I'll just deal with the issue, thanks!

Meditation raises your consciousness, brings you more present, deepens your breathing, sharpens your focus, and allows you to release pain....all without any negative side effects!!! But, it can be difficult and frustrating to meditate on your own. So guided meditation may be the perfect solution for you. Rather than having to completely clear your mind, your mind focuses on the visualizations, imagery, and sensations you are guided through.

In a live meditation session, I am able to identify areas of your body in which you are holding tension, and guide you to release it. Once you release tension and stress, the pain can go with it! You'll be amazed how much more energy, tranquility, and joy you experience when you release tension and stress - and how much less pain. You owe it to yourself to try it!

Be restored, and get the benefits in your life right away.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 1/21/16

Have you ever experienced that moment when someone gives you a quick shoulder rub and you are surprised at how tight your muscles are? Or when getting a back massage you discover there are knots in your muscles you didn't even know were there?

Stress is not just an emotional reaction to a situation, it is physical as well. When we become stressed we tense, clench, and often breath shallowly, thereby setting the tension and pain into our muscles. Stress and negativity settle into our muscles and burrow in. We absorb it and find a way to adjust and go on. But, the tension, stress, and trauma remain locked inside us. It seems like we are just fine, but that stress will take its toll on us. Left unresolved, the effects of tension grow. We have to consciously release the stress, tension and negativity that gets created.

Guided meditation is a great tool to do that. In a live session, I can help you identify areas where you have tension remaining and work with you to release it. Releasing your tension is like having a great, relaxing vacation! You feel restored, relaxed, rejuvenated. You have more energy and more joy. You are more available to the people around you, and to notice the little joys in your life that are so often overlooked because stress narrows our awareness.

Give yourself the gift of freedom from tension and stress...you deserve it!

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Be restored to a state of clarity and balance. Get the benefits in your life right away.

Posted 1/17/16

Stressful events come and go in our lives. The event passes, but the stress seems to linger! A stressful event may have lasted only a minute or even less, but it triggers a response that lasts long after the event has passed. Not only is our stress response no longer needed, it actually becomes counter-productive for us.

This lingering stress now affects how we respond to every other issue we face. Rather than acting on each new issue from a neutral place, we react from an already stressed out state. The problem is, we aren't even aware we are stressed. Stress has unfortunately become our normal state.

We go from one challenging situation to the next, from upset to upset, crisis to crisis without managing and dumping our leftover emotional baggage first and starting from a clean slate. So, the stress, tension, and irritation build up, and become part of our reaction to the next demanding situation. Have you ever had a reaction of instant anger or a desire to strike out to a relatively minor, insignificant issue?

Meditation allows you to release stress left behind from events and circumstances that have passed, restoring you to a peaceful state. You will have more vitality and be open to respond and relate to new experiences from a clean slate.

Be restored to a state of clarity and balance. Get the benefits in your life right away.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.

Posted 1/12/16

Want to instantly reduce your stress and bring more peace and tranquility into your life? Lower your volume. No kidding! A certain amount of tension is created in your body for you to talk. Lower the volume of your speaking, and you will automatically and instantly reduce the tension you are creating in your body! Try it yourself...

You don't have to be yelling to notice the difference. Speaking even a little quieter will make a difference. Once you feel your body relax even a little, keep going....take a deep breath and let your shoulders relax even more as you exhale. Let go of the tension in your body. Common places to hold tension are the shoulders, neck, hands and jaw. Consciously relax those muscles, and you will notice an improvement in how you feel.

Noise can be stressful and creates tension in your body...even if it's a 'noise' you like...even it it's noise YOU are making. You may not even be aware of the tension and stress it is creating in you, so take moments to assess your muscle tension level from time to time.

Additionally, the ear has a limit on the volume it can tolerate. Exposure to noise exceeding that limit may cause permanent damage to the ear. Perhaps that is why we tense ourselves when we hear loud noises - part of the body's defense against damage from loud noises. Whenever possible, reduce the noise level around you....you'll be helping yourself and everyone around you feel more tranquil.

Be restored to a state of clarity and balance. Get the benefits in your life right away.

I Unlimited...helping you find your best self, and inner peace.